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Pilot Jobs Factfile Updates
_2Nov - Germany (Ch) - Condor +VE

_1Nov - Qatar (Le) - Qatar Airways N

_1Nov - Switzerland (Le) - Swiss International Air Lines N

_29Oct - Switzerland (Fr) - FLY7 N

_29Oct - Hungary (Ma) - Wizz Air +VE

_29Oct - Ireland (Ca) - ASL Airlines (Ireland) [formerly Air Contractors] +VE

_28Oct - Italy (Ma) - Meridiana Fly (Closed) -VE

_28Oct - Italy (Ma) - Blue Panorama Airlines -VE

_28Oct - UK (Ca) - DHL Air UK +VE

_28Oct - United Arab Emirates (Le) - Emirates N

_26Oct - United Arab Emirates (Ma) - Air Arabia -VE

_25Oct - Germany (Ma) - Eurowings GmbH +VE

_23Oct - Germany (Fr) - Air Hamburg Luftverkehrsgesellschaft mbH +VE

_23Oct - USA (Ma) - Spirit Airlines +VE

_23Oct - Germany (Ma) - Eurowings Discover +VE

_23Oct - Germany (Ca) - Aerologic N

_23Oct - UK (Ca) - CargoLogicAir +VE

_23Oct - Belgium (Ch) - Air Belgium +VE

_23Oct - United Arab Emirates (Ma) - flydubai +VE

_23Oct - Denmark (Ch) - Great Dane Airlines -VE

_23Oct - UK (Fr) - Flexjet Europe -VE

_23Oct - UK (Ma) - easyJet (UK Contract) -VE

_8Oct - Latvia (Ch) - SmartLynx Airlines N

_8Oct - Moldova (Ca) - Aero Trans Cargo -VE

_8Oct - Germany (Fr) - Silver Cloud Air +VE

_8Oct - Germany (Fr) - ACM Air Charter +VE

_6Oct - Netherlands (Le) - KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) N

_28Sep - Netherlands (Fr) - Exxaero N

_27Sep - Germany (Re) - Lufthansa CityLine +VE

_27Sep - Belgium (Fr) - ASL +VE

_27Sep - Portugal (Ch) - Hifly -VE

_25Sep - Poland (Ch) - Buzz +VE

_25Sep - Qatar (Fr) - Qatar Executive +VE

_22Sep - Portugal (Fr) - Netjets Europe +VE

_22Sep - China (Ma) - Beijing Capital Airline (Closed) -VE

_22Sep - China (Ma) - Beijing Capital Airline (Closed) -VE

_20Sep - Germany (Re) - Lalona Air (Closed) +VE

_20Sep - Germany (Fr) - Eisele Flugdienst / e-aviation N

_20Sep - Spain (Re) - FTE Jerez -VE

_9Sep - UK (Re) - Skybus N

_7Sep - Italy (Ch) - Neos +VE

_2Sep - Malta (Ch) - Medavia +VE

_2Sep - Ireland (Ma) - SAS Ireland N

_1Sep - Germany (Ca) - Cargologic Germany +VE

_1Sep - Germany (Fr) - Aerowest +VE

_30Aug - Italy (Ma) - Alitalia -VE

_27Aug - Ireland (Ma) - Ryanair +VE

_27Aug - Germany (Fr) - Platoon Aviation GmbH +VE

_27Aug - Germany (Fr) - Platoon Aviation GmbH +VE

_27Aug - Austria (Ma) - Austrian -VE

_25Aug - Brazil (Le) - Latam Airlines -VE

_21Aug - Spain (Ma) - Iberia Express -VE

_18Aug - Morocco (Ma) - Royal Air Maroc -VE

_18Aug - Ireland (Le) - Aer Lingus (ROI Contract) -VE

_17Aug - Spain (Ma) - Volotea +VE

_16Aug - Suriname (Ma) - Surinam Airways -VE

_16Aug - Switzerland (Ma) - Helvetic Airways N

_16Aug - Germany (Fr) - Arcus Air +VE

_13Aug - Guadeloupe (Re) - Air Antilles Express +VE

_11Aug - Germany (Ch) - TUIfly -VE

_5Aug - Germany (Ca) - European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH +VE

+VE = Positive pilot jobs news
N = Neutral pilot jobs news

-VE = Negative pilot jobs news
[only news within the period of each regional update list is indicated]

(Ca) = Cargo (Ch) = Charter (Fr) = Fractional/Corporate (He) = Helicopter
(Le) = Legacy (Ma) = Major / National / Low Cost (Re) = Regional


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