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New pay scales include a payrise effective Oct 2017 of 5.98%. There will be a further RPI payrise effective Oct 2018. Sector pay rates are per sector. The following factors apply. Up to 400nm 0.8 sectors 401-1000nm 1.2 sectors 1001-1500nm 1.5 sectors 1501 onwards 2.5 sectors    
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Capt top 138635 4/Dec/17
Capt base 104747
FO top 63,520 4/Dec/17
FO base 51748 4/Dec/17
SO top


SO base 45980
FE top
FE base
Additional Duty Pay / Per Diems for easyJet (UK Contract) Pilot Jobs
last update
Capt 33.13
FO 19.86
SO No sector pay as SO - just basic.
Pension Details for easyJet (UK Contract) Pilot Jobs
last update
Company Pay 7% into pension pot  
Conditions for easyJet (UK Contract) Pilot Jobs
last update
Roster 7 weeks of 5 earlies/3 days off/5 lates/4 days off followed by 4 weeks random roster. Then repeat of pattern. New pilots should expect random roster, once permanent able to bid for fixed but requires salary sacrifice of 10% in RHS.
Leave 25 days
Staff travel Yes, easyJet only. But not much available anymore due to high load factors.
Discounted holidays Not really - 5% discount on easyJet Holidays!

easyJet (UK Contract) Pilot Jobs Situation

last update
Current Situation:  
always looking for type rated Captains and FO You can practice aptitude and psychometric tests here. 12/Feb/18
Working to set up a European subsidiary easyJet Europe, with Austrian AOC, possibly in VIE   24/Jul/17
Overall Hiring Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):
Positive   12/Feb/18
easyJet (UK Contract) Pilot Jobs Entry Requirements (including preferred pilot schools)
last update
1000h PIC 27/Nov/17
1000h TT desirable, recruiting for LGW, LTN + Berlin bases 27/Nov/17
SO/NEC SO: 1250 factored hrs required to be eligible for permanent contract (will be NEC contract as above) although perm. contracts on the continent may be offered with lower eligibility criteria dependent on requirements. (Recent TR/NON-TR recruitment may possibly involve pilots coming straight onto permanent contracts as opposed to flexicrew - this being the case, permanent contract will be 90% basic for first 6 months during 'probation' of the pay scale relevant to previous experience and factored hours) 1/May/13
The MPL being conducted between easyJet and CAE OAA is a partly sponsored scheme by which easyJet cover the costs of the A320 type rating as well as the base and line training. On top of this sponsorship agreement easyJet act as mentors providing their future pilots with opportunities to visit easyJet bases, gain insight into the workings of the company and keep updated on current procedures, news and future plans. The OAA accommodation is optional and many students choose the cheaper option of renting houses and flats in the local areas surrounding CAE OAA. The cost to students on such a scheme still totals to approximately £105500 but comes with the guarantee of a Second Officer job position upon completion of training.   6/Mar/17
Recruitment Process for easyJet (UK Contract) Pilot Jobs
last update
CTC and OAA will assess their own cadets through training before putting them forward for TR for eJ. External applicants can expect to do aptitude testing, group exercises, tech paper if qualified on type, interview and sim assessment. Currently all recruitment for permanent employment from Flexicrew Pilots with a minimum of 500 factored hrs & 6 months experience incl. a recurrent sim. Expect a series of group exercises, a brief technical exam on the A320 and a 2 on 1 interview with pilot management and HR bod. You then enter a holdpool waiting for a position in chosen base. Practice aptitude and psychometric tests here.  6/Jul/12
last update
A319-143, A320-134, A320NEO-2 27/Sep/17
A320NEO-98, A321NEO-30   22/Aug/17
easyJet (UK Contract) Pilot Jobs Recruitment Contact
last update
Preferred method of application:  
https://easyjet.taleo.net/careersection/2/joblist.ftl 10/Jan/17
Job Title:  
Website:  10/Nov/07
Pilot vacancies webpage:  16/Nov/15
Online application form link:  
Bases For easyJet (UK Contract) Pilot Jobs (including restrictions for recent pilot school graduates)
last update
BFS BRS CDG EDI GLA LGW LIS LPL LTN LYS MAN MXP NCE NCL ORY SEN STN SXF TLS HAM NAP OPO AMS VCE & BCN opening in 2016. HAM closes 2017. BOD opens 2017 and TXL opens Jan 2018
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