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Operator Classification
Operator name: KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines)
Operator type: Legacy
Region: Europe
Country: Netherlands
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Capt top E256.718 (E18.337x14) After 20 yrs in the company. Before tax. excl profit bonus
Capt base E133,574 (E9541 x14) Before tax. excl profit bonus
FO top E185,052 (E13218 x14) Before tax. excl profit bonus 5/Feb/14
FO base E48,762 (E3483 x14) Before tax. excl profit bonus 5/Feb/14
SO top E171,808 (E12272 x14) Before tax. excl profit
SO base E48,762 (E3483 x14) Before tax. excl profit bonus
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
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Pension Details
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Pension contribution of company is cut in half for 4 Years as pension age has gone up with 2 years. Now about 21%.  
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Leave 41 days (limited to 22 days during summer).
Staff travel Yes, ZED fares, ZM most carriers, ZL on KLM
Employment Situation For Pilots
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  Current Situation:  
Governement backed loan up to €4blln with conditions (green, top salary cuts etc) being debated. Operational loss of Q1 minus €275 million 10/May/20
B747 pax are phased out. Temporary contracts to be terminated 4/Apr/20
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Negative   10/May/20
Entry Requirements
last update
Internal promotions with respect to position on the seniority list only. Currently a promotion to Captain Fokker or Embraer (KLC) takes 8-9 years. Captain 737 +/- 14 years. Captain ICA +20 years. 13/Feb/17
Only 10 KLS ab-initio's were offered a FO-position at KLM Cityhopper. Pilot's Union VNV managed to cancel 5 however, stating everyone has to start as a SO. 6/Oct/16
All graduated students of the KLM Flight Academy have been hired or are currently in the KLM recruitment program. 2/Oct/17
Approximately 95% of the students being trained at the KLM Flight Academy are hired by KLM. There are no students on the waiting list. All students now apply at KLM at the start of their selection.   23/Nov/19
Recruitment Process
last update
Psychological tests, grading on simulator (B744), interview board consisting of three people who are high in the company. For KLS trained ab-initio's, the recruitment will consist of a trainingfile-check and a job interview. Normally about 95% of the students are hired. Since the crash of GWI in 2015 all applicants have to do an additional psychological test. Sometimes an additional grading can be deemed necessary. 2/Oct/17
last update
13x A330, 48x 737, 18x 747, 29x 777 and 10x 787. 2/Oct/17
11x B787 and 7x A350. A330 and B747 staying longer than expected.   2/Oct/17
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
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  Preferred method of application:  
Mw. E Hoogerdijk   14/Dec/10
  Job Title:  
Pilot Recruitment Assistant   8/Dec/10
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, SPL/NF, PO Box 7700, 1117 ZL Schiphol, The Netherlands  
Tel: +31 (0)20 6492124 8/Dec/10
Fax: +31 (0)20 6499679 8/Dec/10
Email: KLM.Pilot.Recruitment@klm.com 8/Dec/10
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
http://www.klm.com/corporate/jobs/nl/index.html   23/Apr/06
  Online application form link:   
Bases For Pilots
last update
Amsterdam Schiphol  


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