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Operator Classification
Operator name: SmartLynx Airlines
Operator type: Charter
Region: Europe
Country: Latvia
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No guaranteed hours for FO and probably captains. Basic salary is only for TRI/TRE
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Capt top 310EUR
Capt base First 180 days after upgrade or in case of DEC Euro 235/day. 85 Euros over 75 block hour per month. Up to 1500 PIC hours on type 270 Euros/day and 105 Euros over 75 block hours.
FO top Over 1500 hours 170 Euros/day. Euro 60 per block hour over 75 block hour per month. 27/May/19
FO base Up to 500 hours Euro 100/day and Euro 50 per block hour above 75 block our per month. From 500 hour up to 1500 hours Euro 140/day and 55 Euro each block hour above 75 hours. 27/May/19
SO top
SO base SO's from cadet program and from Type Rating Organization. 50EU/day during line training. Upon completion pay is same as FO base. Over 75hrs block per month pay is increased by 50EU/day. If you come from cadet program or TRO 3 years obligatory working period otherwise Euro 10k penalty.
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
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Capt No per diem
FO No per diem
Pension Details
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Accident and illness insurance provided by the Airline  
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Roster 5+2 or 7+2 days of per month depending on experience and choice of accommodation chosen by pilot. LEAVE: Up to 500 block hours unlimited leave. Therefore if no business for you you will be left without salary. After 500 hours maximum 60 days unpaid leave including captains.
Staff travel Only with uniform and flights operated by Smartlynx.
No discounted holidays
Employment Situation For Pilots
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  Current Situation:  
Many CPT and FO contract are terminated. New degraded terms and conditions are introduced for all crew. If you don't accept new terms the contract is terminated. Remaining crew under contract is on long term unpaid leave. 6/Apr/20
No future outlook for the company. Lost all the contracts. 6/Apr/20
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Negative   6/Apr/20
Entry Requirements
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1) have an ATPL(A) (or its equivalent) issued or accepted by Latvian CAA ; 2) have a total flight experience of 3000 hours; and 3) have a valid Type Rating for the relevant aircraft type, valid ME IR and flight experience of 500 hours on type as commander; or 4) have a flight experience of 1000 hours as commander on multi-pilot, multi-engine jet or turboprop aircraftswith the maximum take-off mass more than 10 tons and maximum approved passenger seating configuration of 20 or more and meet prerequisite conditions for A320 Type Rating Transition Course; 5) have sufficient level of English language - ICAO Level 4 10/Jul/10
Pilots showing good performance during A320 TR at Smart-Lynx ATO may be offered positions without previous experience on type. Otherwise requirements are: 1) have at least CPL(A) (or its equivalent) issued or accepted by the Latvian CAA and passed an ATPL theory test (frozen ATPL); 2) have a total flight experience of 1000 hours; 3) have a valid Type Rating for the relevant aircraft type and ME IR or meet prerequisite conditions for A320 Type Rating Transition Course; 4) have sufficient level of English language - ICAO Level 4 13/Apr/15
First graduates from BAA started to work on line. %30 of the cadets resign before starting type rating due to unfavorable conditions.   27/May/19
Recruitment Process
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13xA320 11xA321 7/Dec/19
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
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  Preferred method of application:  
Form on website 2/May/17
  Job Title:  
Smartlynx Airlines, Mazrudas, Marupes pagasts, Rigas rajons, LV-2167, LATVIA   13/Apr/15
Tel: +371 67207392 10/Jul/10
Email: pilotscv@smart-lynx.com 26/Sep/16
http://www.smartlynx.aero/corporate/pilot-document-and-training-status-checklist   2/May/17
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
  Online application form link:   
http://www.smartlynxweb.com/?Doc=143   10/Jul/10
Bases For Pilots
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