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Operator Classification
Operator name: Transavia
Operator type: Major/National/Low Cost
Region: Europe
Country: Netherlands
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Capt top E14400 Monthly/before tax(�185000Y)
Capt base E6500m
FO top 122.451,40 + 34.880,04 pension 8/Apr/19
FO base NTR: 56.687,76 + 10.935,60 pension TR: 69.066,36 + 13.333,92 pension TR >= 2800 on type: 82.916,88 + 16.007,76 pension 8/Apr/19
SO top Furthermore this amount includes: - 8% of your gross annual salary on holiday pay, paid every year in May; - 5.75% of your gross annual salary on a fixed end-of-year bonus; - Pension premium. Annual salary increase every year in July A variable profit sharing scheme (max. 12% of your gross annual salary) linked to Transavia’s overall performance. Salaries are paid for 2 years upon falling ill. There is an excellent payment scheme after 2 years of illness. There is also a Loss of License insurance.
SO base
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
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Capt none
FO none
Pension Details
last update
~19,3% of total gross remuneration  
last update
Roster Our classification period is 35 days of which 20 days will be working days and 15 will be free days (for full-time contracts). You are always free for at least 3 consecutive days and work for 6 consecutive days at the most. You can submit requests in the classification system (Jeppesen). LEAVE: Upon entering service, you are entitled to 19 paid holiday days and 6 scheduled days off. Apart from that, you have 4 days off that you can request after the publishing of your schedule (up to 1 per quarter). Given that you need to use 4 days to get 1 week of holiday, this gives you 7 weeks of holiday a year. Every pilot is entitled to a 3 consecutive week holiday in the summer period between May and September. Transavia has a production peak in the school holidays which means that you will not be granted the period of your choice every year. Granting of the requested holiday is done according to seniority and assigned ‘priority points’ (priority points are assigned when previous holiday requests are rejected).
Staff travel ca 50 Airlines via MyIDTravel like KLM, LH, Emirates, Virgin, Delta, etc.
marginal (10/15% some holiday packages)
Employment Situation For Pilots
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  Current Situation:  
Voluntary leaves announced 27/Jun/20
Opening a new base out of Brussel by summer 2020 23/Nov/19
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Negative   27/Jun/20
Entry Requirements
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When you enter service you will be placed on the seniority list. Promotion is done according to seniority, vacancies and successful completion of the Command course. Time to command unsure atm due to Covid 19 8/Jun/20
Education / General: At least a higher general secondary education (HAVO) or equivalent foreign education Swimming skills Valid passport of an EU member country Excellent mastery of the English language (Dutch is not required) Required licenses and certificates: Valid EASA (frozen) ATPL Valid ME/IR (A) Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate ICAO LPE 6 MCC certificate Other conditions: TR: 1000 hours total time (sim hours are not included) At least 250 hours of experience on a Boeing 737 NG Attention: At the start of your employment you must have at least 500 hours of experience on B737 NG of which a minimum of 250 flying hours in the last 12 months. NTR: To be accepted in the Transavia selection you must have at least one of the following qualifications: Graduated from one of the following certified flight courses: EPST KLM Flight Academy Martin Air Flight Academy PTN RWL ENAC The flight training must have been completed 24 months prior to the Transavia selection. A minimum of 250 hours of experience on multi-engine fixed wing aircraft (MTOW 5700 kg or more).Attention: At the start of your employment you must have at least 500 hours of experience on multi-engine fixed wing (MTOW 5700 kg or more) of which a minimum of 250 flying hours in the last 12 months. JOC/MCC completed at EPST in the last 24 months. Non-civil: in possession of a Major Military License of the Royal Netherlands Air Force / Royal Netherlands Navy. Actively flying no longer than 24 months ago. 8/Apr/19
Yes. Starting ab-initio training program in EHLY. 25.000 is funded by the airline   1/Apr/19
Recruitment Process
last update
Two day selection process at EPST. First day consists of advanced COMPASS test, Aviation English test, ATPL questionnaire and math test. Second day consists of grading in a B737 Fixed Based Sim, a group exercise and two interviews with selection team and Transavia recruitment personnel. If successful on these two days the last step is a medical check. 14/Nov/17
last update
4x 737-700, 35x 737-800 12/Jul/21
100 of the A320NEO family are ordered, with an additional option for 60 more. They are expected to fly for KLM, Transavia and Transavia France.   10/Jul/22
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
last update
  Preferred method of application:  
Via the website, free. (also some via EPST http://www.epst.com/en) 21/Dec/15
Saiboen Naipal   10/Dec/07
  Job Title:  
www.transavia.com   17/Jan/05
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
https://www.pilotattransavia.com/   26/Nov/18
  Online application form link:   
pilotattransavia.com   17/Sep/18
Bases For Pilots
last update
EHAM Amsterdam, EHRD Rotterdam and EHEH Eindhoven. 1x B737 now in BRU for MED destinations   23/Oct/22


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