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Operator Classification
Operator name: EoaHrV
Operator type: cheap cialis no prescription PMID 35297103 Free PMC article
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Country: United States
Pilots' Detailed Payscale - please state whether payscale is before or after tax
(pension, per diems and brief payscale are listed further down the page)
Effective from: June 2024
Listed pay rates are:
(yearly, hourly etc)
Guaranteed hours:
(if applicable)
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Addtional notes: Salaries in Luxembourg are indexed according inflation. Increase is usually +2,5% Gross when indexation occurs. This is regulated by the State of Luxembourg. --- Taxation also depends on your marital status. Single people pay significantly more taxes on income than Married people. --- Luxair provides a yearly increase in Base salary.    
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Capt top Highest captain salary using normal scales is 18900 gross (~10800 after tax for a single person). Although reaching this scale is becoming more and more difficult with a standard career. Especially if minus scales for captains are enforced.
Capt base If minus scales for captains are enforced, minimum salary will be 7700 gross (~4900 after tax for a single person). After 10 years captain, minimum salary will be 10100 gross (~6100 after tax for a single person) If normal scales enforced, minimum salary will be 8300 gross (~5200 after tax for a single person). After 10 years captain, minimum salary will be 11600 gross (~6800 after tax for a single person)
FO top If not upgraded until then, after 15 years of service : 8700 gross (~5400 after tax for a single person). FO scales run until 12000 gross (~7000 after tax for a single person). That scale is reached after 29 years of service on the Right-hand seat. 28/Mar/23
FO base FO Scales reached on the 10th year of service. 7800 gross (~4900 after tax). 28/Mar/23
SO top 6800 gross (~4400 after tax) after 9 years in company.
SO base 3000 gross (~2500 after tax) during initial Training (6 months). 5400 gross (~3700 after tax) after Training completed.
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
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Capt Same as FO
FO DutyT>6h=20€ / 6h
Pension Details
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last update
Roster Minimum 10 Days off per month. Maximum 11 days OFF per month. Random roster, published around 15th of preceding month.
Leave 31 days
Staff travel Yes
Employment Situation For Pilots
last update
  Current Situation:  
There's an ongoing contentious issue with the usage of Minus scales for captains. If these scales are used, new captains might start with 7 payscales below the former lowest captain salary. 28/Mar/23
Positive due to general lack of staff. Especially since the MAX aeroplanes are now confirmed. 28/Mar/23
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Positive   28/Mar/23
Entry Requirements
last update
No direct-entry captains. Promotion according to seniority list. 8/Jun/15
High school diploma EASA CPL+IR (frozen ATPL) Class 1 medical 70h PIC Completed MCC course Additionally: EU/EFTA national No criminal records Have a swimming certificate / able to demonstrate Speak and write fluently English Rating or recent experience is a plus, UPRT certificate 22/Mar/20
Recruitment Process
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Ready Entry: 1. Initial interview in Luxembourg (Chief Pilot+ Training Manager or DO) 2. English version of the DLR test in Hamburg Germany 3. Assessment Center with group work and stress interview with selection Board and DLR psychologists 4.Grading at Lufthansa Flight Training in Frankfurt/Main on the B737-300 5. Final interview in Luxembourg ( Training Manager + Management Pilots + Psychologists) 6. Drug screening. Seasonal FO's B737: English DLR in Hamburg, followed by grading and interview in Monchengladbach 29/Jan/18
last update
4 B737-700, 4 B737-800, 2 B737-8MAX(drylease), 11 DHC-8-400 14/Oct/23
2 B737-8MAX are dry-leased from Summer 2023 until Summer 2026. 4 B737-8MAX are ordered and 2 will be received in Summer 2026 and 2 in Summer 2027. 4 B737-7MAX are also on order. Fleet renewal is also in talks to replace ageing B737-700 and DHC-8-400 in the coming years. No aircraft decided on yet.   14/Oct/23
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
last update
  Preferred method of application:  
online (see below) 31/Oct/08
Captain David Siebenaler   26/Sep/16
  Job Title:  
Crew Training Manager   31/Oct/08
Luxair S.A., Operations Administration Department, L-2987 Luxembourg   30/Oct/08
Tel: +352 2456 4504 22/Mar/07
Fax: +352 2456 4599 22/Mar/07
Email: crewtraining@luxair.lu 30/Oct/08
www.luxair.lu   18/Aug/04
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
  Online application form link:   
www.luxairgroup.lu/careers   8/Jun/15
Bases For Pilots
last update
Base LUX, Q400 up to ten nightstops in LCY, B737 increasing number of nightstops and very long flight duties with additional dead heading/positioning in economy   5/Feb/23


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