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Operator Classification
Operator name: Air France
Operator type: Legacy
Region: Europe
Country: France
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Capt top 15000 (with seniority long haul captain)
Capt base 8500 year one captain
FO top 11 000 after tax ( with seniority full ATPL and long haul pilot) 26/Dec/22
FO base 3500 euros after tax (minimum hours 0 experience) 26/Dec/22
SO top
SO base
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
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Capt Between 35-150 euros
FO Between 35-150 euros
Pension Details
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According to the French law and Air France policy  
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Roster Maximum 4 days pattern, maximum 4 sectors a day (mixte between 3 legs layover or long trip) for short haul. Long haul average of 3-4 flights a month Minimum 12 days off per month average of 15 days off
Leave 45 total 3.75 per month
Staff travel Yes
Employment Situation For Pilots
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  Current Situation:  
Positive massive recruitment Specially for the A220 fleet and Transavia France 737 26/Dec/22
Air France is growing again mainly trough transavia France target this summer 80 B737-800 and looking to introduce the 320/321neo’s. Need of 300/350 pilots for 2023. 26/Dec/22
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Positive   26/Dec/22
Entry Requirements
last update
Only on seniority, average of 7-10 years for Air France short haul or 3 years of welling to move on 737 for transavia. 26/Dec/22
Ex military pilots, experienced pilots from other companies (turboprop, jet), and pilots from HOP! Some cadets as well (ENAC and internal cadet training programme) 21/May/19
No SOs at Air France 15/Aug/16
The recruitment conditions for "Les Cadets d'Air France" school involve a comprehensive evaluation of candidates. Applicants must typically meet the following requirements: Age: Candidates are usually between 18 and 28 years old. Education: A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent educational qualification is required. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in English is essential, as it is the primary language used in aviation communication. Some knowledge of French may also be necessary. Medical Fitness: Candidates must pass a thorough medical examination to ensure they meet the physical and mental requirements for a career in aviation. Aptitude Tests: Applicants undergo a series of aptitude tests that assess their cognitive abilities, including logical reasoning, numerical comprehension, and multitasking skills. Psychometric Assessment: A psychological evaluation is conducted to gauge candidates' personality traits, stress management capabilities, and decision-making skills. Interviews: Candidates participate in multiple interviews, which may include panel interviews with representatives from Air France and aviation professionals. Financial Capacity: As pilot training can be expensive, candidates may need to demonstrate their financial capacity to cover the costs of the program or secure sponsorship.   19/May/23
Recruitment Process
last update
To meet the requirements (completely fluent in french, and get the right age/flying experience), then : 0th step : 2 hours of psychometrics test at home on one's computer. 1st Step: 8 hours of psychometric test (arithmetic, logic, french fast reading and comprehension). 2nd step: a series of several group exercises and common problem to be solved. Individual interviews, with Air France pilots and a psychologist. 3rd step (experienced pilots only) : a sim, if needed. Last step: commission and final decision... 21/May/19
last update
19x A220, 10x A318, 18x A319, 39x 320, 20x A321, 15x A330-200, 25x A350, 20X B777-200ER, 43X B777-300ER, 2X B777F, 10x B787-9 26/Dec/22
41X A220, + 60 option, 15X 350. + 100 A320neo/A321neo for transavia   26/Dec/22
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
last update
  Preferred method of application:  
Online application 21/May/19
  Job Title:  
www.airfrance.com   28/Mar/05
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
http://corporate.airfrance.com/fr/emploi   24/Apr/17
  Online application form link:   
Bases For Pilots
last update
CDG for short haul and long haul for AF Orly for transavia   26/Dec/22


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