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Pilots' Detailed Payscale- please state whether payscale is before or after tax
(pension, per diems and brief payscale are listed further down the page)
Effective from:
Listed pay rates are:
(yearly, hourly etc)
100 h Flight Duty Period 80,5 flight hours
1 Euro = Rs41 (3 August 2010)
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Guaranteed hours:
(if applicable)
50 FDP max 100 payed
Addtional notes:
1 EUR=MUR37.83(11Jun2012)    
80000 MUR
115000 MUR
240000 MUR
300000 MUR
EUR 4500
Brief Payscale (please state whether before or after tax) (please ignore if the detailed payscale above is up to date)

last update

Capt top A340 Euro 13000 net 11/Jul/12
Capt base Y one ATR 3104� A319 3529� A340 4100� + 11% Expat allowance + min 50 hours FDH + 24500 RH Housing allowance
FO top 145000 MUR 11/Apr/05
FO base ATR72: 1639 Euro A319: 2442 Euro A340: 2842 Euro Basic But with all allowances included as Common Law Contract, … ATR72: 2500 Euro A319: 4000 Euro A340: 6000 Euro Plus a annual bonus of 10% of total basic salary. A340 around : 10 000 euros. Long Haul FO 1st year : 85 000 euros annual. 15/Apr/16
SO top

SO base
FE top
FE base
Additional Duty Pay / Per Diems for Air Mauritius Pilot Jobs
last update
Capt per diem depending on destination and duration of the stau (avrg 800/1000euros per month)
FO same as CPT
Pension Details for Air Mauritius Pilot Jobs
last update
7,5% of basic salary retain by Air Mauritius. Expats can get it after 10 years of contract.  
Conditions for Air Mauritius Pilot Jobs
last update
Roster 70 - 90 hours, days of spread just to keep you from leaving the island. Expat are being compressed to allow career to the Mauritian crew. Commuting is complicated, but leaving on base is nice. SBY a rarely triggered. It gives you around 14 days in Mauritius. LEAVE: Fixed leaves according to seniority and ad-hoc leaves subject to planning. Start to be short on flight crew. Leaves are harder to get.
Leave Crew are being compressed and leaves are subject to availability.
Staff travel New internet system, very easy to use. 8 ID100 for each family member per year. Plus unlimited ZED tickets on several airlines.
Discounted holidays Pilots pay full fare

Air Mauritius Pilot Jobs Situation

last update
Current Situation:  
entered into administration on April 22nd
Hiring because of increasing fleets with 330 and 350 and keeping A340. Slow hiring process and slow upgrade.  
Overall Hiring Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):
Negative   23/Apr/20
Air Mauritius Pilot Jobs Entry Requirements (including preferred pilot schools)
last update
ATR Commander: Valid ATPL,3500 flying hours on multi engine commercial air transport aircraft including 1000 flying hours as PIC on ATR or equivalent. Mauritian nationals without type rating may be considered for long-haul fleet. 12/Aug/19
A319 Fleet • Valid ATPL • 1000 flying hours on jet commercial air transport or 2500 flying hours on multi engine JAR 25 aircraft A340/A330 Fleet • Valid ATPL • 2000 flying hours on jet commercial air transport 15/Apr/16
Recruitment Process for Air Mauritius Pilot Jobs
last update
Interview, basic technical questions, sim check. Practice aptitude and psychometric tests here.  29/Jun/09
last update
2x A330neo, 5x A340-300 , 2x A330-200, 2x A319-100, 3x ATR72-500, 2x Bell helicopter 10/Sep/18
2x A330neo (end of 2018) 4x A350-900 to replace older A340 (2 in 2019 and 2 in 2023)   10/Sep/18
Air Mauritius Pilot Jobs Recruitment Contact
last update
Preferred method of application:  
By email (avoid mailing HR department) 25/Oct/11
Name: 22/May/11
Job Title:  
Chief Pilot 9/Jun/11
The Human Resources & Organisational Development Department, Air Mauritius Limited, 16th Floor, Medcor Building, Port Louis, MAURITIUS 28/Nov/13
Tel: +230 603 35 18 28/Jul/08
Email: (To find out whether your email application has been read use VisualCV) 28/Nov/13
Website:  28/Nov/13  
Pilot vacancies webpage:  28/Nov/13  
Online application form link:  
Bases For Air Mauritius Pilot Jobs (including restrictions for recent pilot school graduates)
last update
(click to look-up airport codes)


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