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Operator Classification
Operator name: ASL Airlines Belgium
Operator type: Cargo
Region: Europe
Country: Belgium
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Effective from:
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Addtional notes: Due to economical crisis, state pension reduced from 2000eur to 1500eur net/month for a full (30years) aviation carrer in Belgium    
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Capt top +2.5% per year
Capt base about monthly 3150eur after tax
FO top +2.5% per year
FO base 1st year 4870 gross, but only 75% will be paid (3650). +11% for the following 3 years to compensate 1/Aug/17
SO top
SO base
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
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Capt E4.20/hr
FO E4.20/hr
Pension Details
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Exchange of a 2,5% automatic payrise into a pension scheme.  
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Roster Published the 15th for next month, then continuously updated and changed but days off remains as rostered. Mainly night flying. Roster requests are generally respected.
Leave 30 days + 10 days in lieu of public holidays.
Staff travel On cargo flights : 50eur (Europe), 150eur (Long haul)
Employment Situation For Pilots
last update
  Current Situation:  
Positions for Capts coming up, Liege base 4/Dec/17
Hiring due to pilot turnover 9/May/16
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Positive   4/Dec/17
Entry Requirements
last update
internal only and according seniority, B737/BAE146 min 3000hrs or 5 years in the company(wichever comes first). B747/777 min 4000hrs/1500hrs PIC or 8 years in the company and 3 years as CPT(wichever comes first). 14/Jul/13
positions open for 737&757 first officers Valid EASA Pilot license. • Valid Type rating B737. • Current Class 1 Medical. • Valid passport without restriction which could hinder flight operations. • Minimum ICAO Level 4 English Proficiency. • Immediate availability for screening and selection. Minimum Experience A minimum Flight hours experience is required for pilots joining TNT Airways Minimum 800 hrs Total Flight Time including 500 hrs on type B737/757. Contract type Determined-period contract of 6 months - Full time. Possibility of undetermined period contract after 6 months. 4/Nov/15
Not required anymore, last A300 to leave at end of the year, all FE are made redundant. 1/Nov/09
Recruitment Process
last update
1. Theoretical and HR interview at LGE 2. if +ve: sim check (BRU, DUS or FRA) 3. if +ve: full day psychotechnical tests tests may be done in Meditel Amsterdam. 6/Nov/17
last update
19 x B737, 6 X B747, 3xB757 24/Apr/17
The 3 B777 left the fleet (gone to Fedex), 3 B737 and 2 B747 to join soon   20/Feb/17
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
last update
  Preferred method of application:  
Online application form.
  Job Title:  
Tel: +32 4 239 3232 26/Oct/15
www.tntliege.com   22/Oct/11
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
http://www.tntliege.com/102_External+Crew.html   22/Oct/11
  Online application form link:   
Bases For Pilots
last update
LGG, if from BRU (50eur compensation); B757combi from GKE   18/Jun/12


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