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Operator Classification
Operator name: Carpatair
Operator type: Charter
Region: Europe
Country: Romania
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Due to reduction in passengers and combined flights, the total amount of hours per month are being reduced.
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Addtional notes: E1000/mth for housing and local and intl. transport.    
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Capt top Fixed pilots 4900 max. Expat: pilots 270 euros/day only 8 duty days in low season 10 duty days in high season.
Capt base 2900 euro. Expat: 270 euros/day ( only 8 duty days)
FO top FO eligable for minimum guarantee according to hours on type 500h - 1200E 1000h - 1600E 1500h - 2000E 50E per diem for off days out of base + positioning 16/Jan/17
FO base Paid per flying duty day: €230/day Per diem when OFF out of homebase: €50/day Minimum guaranteed salary during Line training: €1000 Minimum guaranteed salary after Line Check: €2000 5/Mar/18
SO top
SO base
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
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Pension Details
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Roster 3 weeks ON / 1 week OFF
Staff travel N/a
Employment Situation For Pilots
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  Current Situation:  
Fokker rated Captains always welcome. Recently 2 new F/O’s hired to fly the Fokker 100. More senior F/O’s slowly leaving company. Terms and Consitions are improving considerably. No further recruitment expected this season. 5/Mar/18
Both ACMI and Charter contracts. Rumours to slowly phase out F100 by 2020 and replace with more up to date aircraft. New aircraft type unknown. 4/Dec/17
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Positive   5/Mar/18
Entry Requirements
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Either with or without type rating, JAA ATPL, Europassport. UPDATE: The type rating will be self sponsored: E30000 or E15000 + 36 monthly rates of E500, no matter the A/C option (Saab 2000 or Foker 70/100). Another deposit of E5000 as guarantee for "not leaving the company" in 6 months after each sim session wil be considered. 21/Sep/10
No minimum hours required CPL(a) + ATPL credit MCC TR is self sponsored €25.000 for Fokker 100. 5/Mar/18
Type Rating training will be done at company FTO. All self sponsored.   4/Dec/17
Recruitment Process
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last update
3 F100, 1 B733 (wet-leased away) 6/Oct/16
None   16/Jan/17
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
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  Preferred method of application:  
via www.carpatair.com 6/Feb/08
  Job Title:  
Carpatair SA str Ion Ionescu de la Brad, 15 300246 Timisoara Romania   9/Aug/17
Email: jobs@carpatair.com 13/Mar/17
www.carpatair.com   2/Jan/07
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
  Online application form link:   
http://www.carpatair.com/career/   16/Apr/18
Bases For Pilots
last update
Head Office in TSR. For the pilot, closest major European airport will be used as Base.   31/Dec/17


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