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Operator Classification
Operator name: Jetstar Pacific
Operator type: Major/National/Low Cost
Region: Asia
Country: Vietnam
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last update

Capt top 13230
Capt base 11070
FO top 7380 30/Apr/18
FO base 6115 30/Apr/18
SO top
SO base
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
last update
Capt After 85 hours. 80 hours just available for high season(may, june, july, august). Extra overtime above 100 hrs factored 75 euros p/h
FO 28 EUR/ph after 80h, and 45 EUR/ph afgter 100h factored
Pension Details
last update
Loss of license, personal accident insurence and private health insurance are provided with discount by Sunexpress. Remaining premium deducted from salary. Sunexpress offers private pension but has to be paid (will be conducted from salary) by the pilots.  
last update
Roster Roster plan for 1 month, but due to Turkish Airlines and AnadoluJet wetlease operation roster very unreliable. At the moment 2 weeks roster
Leave Starting with 12 up to 25 plus each 5 days another 2 weekend days on top. Increases with seniority.
Staff travel 2 free tickets per year and unlimited staff travel rates (standby tickets)for all staff. 10 "friends" tickets per year
Employment Situation For Pilots
last update
  Current Situation:  
All positions all fleets 23/Oct/17
Captains are leaving to SXD or to other companies. F/Os are leaving either to THY or to Middle East. 3/Mar/14
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Positive   23/Oct/17
Entry Requirements
last update
English ICAO Level 4, No military obligation, JAR FCL class 1 medical check, Min.4000 Flt hours total, Min 1000 Flt hours as a commander, Current ATPL 21/Jun/13
CPL-ME/IR. Company provides MCC training if not recieved. Foreign F/O's only from a single Dutch flight school 22/Apr/13
Vietnamese cadets only   13/Jun/18
Recruitment Process
last update
ADAPT test, Skype interview, final interview, Sim 13/Jun/18
last update
17 A320 5/Mar/18
13 A320   5/Mar/18
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
last update
  Preferred method of application:  
In writing 25/May/06
Irmak Emlek   3/Aug/10
  Job Title:  
Recruiter   4/Aug/10
SunExpress, Güneş Ekspress Havacılık A.Ş, Mehmetçik Mah. Aspendos Bulv, Aspendos Iş Merkezi No. 63/1-2, TR-07300 Antalya, Türkiye   25/May/06
Tel: 00 90 242 310 26 73 3/Aug/10
Fax: +90 242 310 26 44 20/Jan/10
Email: irmak.yetgin@sunexpress.com 14/Jun/13
www.sunexpress.com   12/Aug/10
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
  Online application form link:   
http://www.sunexpress.com/xq-tr/tr/is-imkanlari.jsp   12/Aug/10
Bases For Pilots
last update
SAW, ADB, AYT, ESB   5/Jun/13


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