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Operator Classification
Operator name: Loganair
Operator type: Regional
Region: Europe
Country: UK
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last update

Capt top Year 15 69,938
Capt base Year 1 51,979
FO top Year 12 35,571 2/Jan/17
FO base Year 1 28,608 2/Jan/17
SO top
SO base
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
last update
Capt GBP9 per duty + GBP3.00 per sector. GBP23 per UK night-stop. GBP33 per Non UK
FO GBP9 per duty + GBP3.00 per sector. GBP23 per UK night-stop. GBP33 per Non UK
Pension Details
last update
For new joiners, need to pay government minimum of 3% and employer contributes 2%  
last update
Roster Published between 15th - 20th of each month. 9 days off per month norm - some single days off but mostly days off in pairs. Requests for days off cannot be relied upon. We have received conflicting information as to whether crews are having to work harder.
Leave 29 days
Staff travel Yes
Through Touchdown
Employment Situation For Pilots
last update
  Current Situation:  
Hiring experience crew. We have received conflicting information for the reasons for employee turnover. 15/Sep/18
Roster depends on base - some more stable than others. Fleet growth continuing and Saab 2000s due for replacement between 2019 and 2020. 21/Aug/18
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Positive   15/Sep/18
Entry Requirements
last update
Actively hiring DECs 2/Jan/17
New joiners will be bonded at GBP15,000 for SF340 rating. New FO's no longer have to front any money, it is now a 'paper bond', pay up if you leave. 18/Jun/18
Recruitment Process
last update
Interview with Flight Crew Manager and HR Manager, basic aptitude tests, group exercise, followed by simulator assessment at Dundee (FNPTII) 16/Jan/17
last update
3xDHC6 3x Dornier 328 5xSaab 2000 13xSaab 340 2xBN2 Islander 5/Feb/18
Saab2000 is going to be replaced with EMB145 in GLA and ATR42-6 in ABZ. Do328 still for sale UPDATE: EMB 145 to continue operating out of INV   23/Jul/18
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
last update
  Preferred method of application:  
Recruitment through online application only. 7/Jul/09
N/A - Online application only   6/Jul/09
  Job Title:  
Cirrus Building, Loganair Ltd 9 Machburn Drive Glasgow Airport PA3 2SJ   8/Sep/14
Tel: 0141 842 7423 (no calls re recruitment allowed) 18/Oct/07
Fax: 0141 887 9949
Email: recruitment@loganair.co.uk 26/Jun/11
www.loganair.co.uk   5/Oct/04
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
  Online application form link:   
www.loganair.co.uk   4/Apr/14
Bases For Pilots
last update
SF2000-ABZ,GLA, SF340 - GLA, ABZ, EDI, INV D328 - NWI DHC6 - GLA, BN2 - KOI   21/Aug/18


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