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Operator Classification
Operator name: Jet2.com
Operator type: Major/National/Low Cost
Region: Europe
Country: UK
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Addtional notes: Now only offering 100% contract with 3 year reducing bond. Reduced contract available on request.    
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Capt top £100,524
Capt base £100,524
FO top £65,962 16/Apr/18
FO base £58,534 16/Apr/18
SO top £44,765
SO base £44,765
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
last update
Capt 1600nm - GBP32.00 Day off payment - GBP463.50
FO 1600nm - GBP13.00 SFO Day off payment - GBP347.63 FO/SO Day off payment - GBP289.69
Pension Details
last update
Capt - employer contribution 10%, employee min 6% FO - employer contribution 8%, employee min 4%  
last update
Roster Roster unstable and completely random, summer generally 6/2. Not enough days off per month. LEAVE: 36 Days (one week allowed in the summer)
Leave 36 Days (Only 1 week in the summer) Leave unused is allocated or lost.
Staff travel Company chooses to give its staff nothing in terms of staff travel.
None - Discounts same as what anyone can get on the website.
Employment Situation For Pilots
last update
  Current Situation:  
160 + pilots needed for 2018/19 5/Feb/18
Lots of recruitment going on, due to expansion and pilots leaving. Lots of pilots who left Ryanair are considering returning due to lower standard of life caused by random roster and reluctance to give staff travel, on top of this new joiners are having issues with training dept. due to TRE’s failing LPC’s. 23/Apr/18
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Positive   23/Apr/18
Entry Requirements
last update
Focusing on internal upgrades, process slightly improved, however CU selection criteria unclear. 31/Dec/17
All applicants with commercial experience over 50 ton - 100% contract 31/Aug/16
All recruited through the Pilot apprentice scheme, approximately 4 groups of 10 a year. 5/Mar/18
FATPL, MCC & JOC course (Expect to spend around 12 months as an apprentice, spending time in development (sitting with each department at the head office), a short stint as a fully trained cabin crew member and then in the crew rooms at one of the bases supporting the pilots)   5/Mar/18
Recruitment Process
last update
Three stages: Stage 1: online maths, verbal reasoning and personality tests emailed to you to be completed at home in your own time prior to the interview day (they will include the tests in your invite to interview email) Stage 2: Assesment day (in Bradford). They will start off with a presentation on the company and the various positions they have available ( 70%/100% and temporary contracts). Following this you will complete a group exercise followed by an interview usually with two pilots. The interviewers can be of any rank from FO up to Chief Pilot. Generally a relaxed chat with the standard interview questions. You should expect to hear the outcome immediately and if you’re successful you will be invited to the training centre for a sim session on the same day. Stage 3: Simulator. Due to capacity at the training centre most assessments are taking place on the 757 at present. You will be with two training captains, one operating the sim and one as your PM. All they are looking for is a good level of competency and the ability to improve. If you make a mistake or have a bad start don't worry, they will give you the opportunity to fix it and show what you have to offer. 5/Mar/18
last update
20xB737-300 39xB737-800 11xB757-200 24/Jul/17
Acquisition of second hand 5xB737-900 and 3xB737-700 to be confirmed by the end of Q3.   9/Apr/18
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
last update
  Preferred method of application:  
www.jet2.com 23/Nov/06
Kieran Jackson   5/Mar/18
  Job Title:  
Recruiter   5/Dec/12
Jet2.com Ltd, Low Fare Finder House, Leeds Bradford International Airport, Leeds, LS19 7TU   17/Jan/08
Tel: 01132387444 17/Apr/07
Fax: 01202-577813
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
https://krb-sjobs.brassring.com/TGWebHost/searchresults.aspx?PartnerId=30013&SiteId=5476&Function=LinkQuery&LinkId=68   6/Jul/13
  Online application form link:   
Bases For Pilots
last update
B737 - ALC, BHX, BFS, EDI, EMA, GLA, LBA, MAN, NCL, STN. (PMI - Summer 18) B757 - MAN, LBA   24/Jul/17


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