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Operator Classification
Operator name: Norwegian
Operator type: Major/National/Low Cost
Region: Europe
Country: Norway
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Capt top B787: 9000E B787 RCP: 7000E B737: 7700E B737 Core: 100 098 NOK before tax
Capt base Capt £7055 FO £3666
FO top B737: €4000 and €1300 fixed per diem taxable, €8 per actual block hr and 4hrs per stby. Core 67 753 NOK 5/Mar/18
FO base B787: 5000E. B737: 4000E. B737 Core: 37 000 NOK before tax (Cadets). 50 436 NOK if 1500TT or more when joining. 5/Mar/18
SO top B737 Spain 3300E. UK: 2740£.
SO base
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
last update
Capt B787: 1000E. B737: Spain: 1300E + 17E pbh. UK: 1080£ + 14£ pbh. Core: 9000 NOK.
FO £1080 + £7 pbh + £356 bought day off+ £35 phone allowance
SO B737: Spain: 1300E + 8E pbh. UK: 1080£ + 7£ pbh. Core: 9000 NOK. Finland: 10€/block hour + per diems (value depends on the country you fly to)
Pension Details
last update
5% from OSM. Private BUPA medical, LOL, Traveling/ Bag insurance.Pilot can reimburse Medical & Passport expense.  
last update
Roster B787: Min 10-12 days off at base. B737: Minimum 12 days off per month. LEAVE: B787: 28 days each year on top of days OFF. B737: 30 days each year. Days off will be reduced by 0.4 per vacation day. (7 days of VAC will result in deduction of 3 days off in the rostered month = 9)(30 calendar days which means only 4 weeks leave per year)
Leave 26 Days
Staff travel ID tickets after 3 months. As of January 2018 staff travel is now on both long and short haul fleets for both 73 and 78 crews. ID90 Travel and free S2 commuting ticket. (S2 higher priority than ID and valid for any avail pax/crew seat).
Many discounted hotels worldwide like Hayatt,Hilton, IHG, Nordic hotels,etc. Car hire discounts.
Employment Situation For Pilots
last update
  Current Situation:  
B737 Argentina: Expanding, experiencd pilots both Seat + Training Captains. B737 Europe: All DEC and FO recruitment stopped, all course 1st Q 2019 cancelled. Surplus of experienced pilots. B787 Europe: No more DEC or RCA recruitment, internal upgrade only. Due to renewed cost saving measures an expected SH fleet reduction of 11 aircraft is expected with proposed base closures or reductions in Ireland, Spain and Italy. Proposed pay cuts and proposed loss of crew food, hotel breakfasts etc. 23/Jan/19
Some cost cutting and closure of bases planned in 2019 23/Jan/19
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Negative   23/Jan/19
Entry Requirements
last update
Valid JAR ATPL(A) license. Valid 1st. class medical certificate. 5000 hours total flight time on aeroplanes. 1000 hours total flight time on type. 500 hours total flight time as commander on type, or aquivalent AC (A320, MD, A330, B757, B767, B777). English, written and spoken. No criminal record. Valid type rating on B737 300-900. Type rating on B787 given by Norwegian with 2 year bonding. 30/Mar/16
Valid JAR CPL(A) license. Valid 1st. class medical certificate. 1500 hours total flight time on aeroplanes. 500 hours total flight time on multicrew aeroplanes, 150h within the last 12 months. English, written and spoken. No criminal record. Valid type rating on B737 300-900. Type rating on B787 given by Norwegian with 3 year bonding. 2/Apr/18
Recruitment Process
last update
The first step is to fill out and submit your application. You will then receive an e-mail which confirms the receipt of your application. Opening of recruitment process will be announced on our website. When a recruitment process starts, a number of chosen applicants who fulfil our requirements will be contacted via e-mail for personality based test, IQ test, simcheck and interview. An important part of the recruitment process will be to contact the candidate's references. 30/Mar/16
last update
118xB738 8xB737 MAX-8 29xB787 9/Jul/18
100 B737 + 100 A320 family   7/Jan/19
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
last update
  Preferred method of application:  
Website 9/Jul/18
B737 and B787 chief pilot office, and respective agency.   2/Dec/15
  Job Title:  
NAR Recruitment   24/Dec/18
www.norwegian.com   2/Dec/15
Email: www.norwegian.com 16/Nov/15
www.norwegian.com   16/Nov/15
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
https://careers.norwegian.com/pilot   9/Jul/18
  Online application form link:   
https://careers.norwegian.com/pilot   9/Jul/18
Bases For Pilots
last update
B737 : OSL SVG BGO TRD ARN CPH HEL LGW MAD BCN ALC AGP PMI LPA TFS FCO DUB EDI (closes April 2019) PVP (PTP - FDF Temporary Winter Bases). B737 base closures in PMI, TFS, FCO and LPA. B787 : BKK CDG FCO BCN AMS   23/Jan/19


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