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Operator Classification
Operator name: Cargolux
Operator type: Cargo
Region: Europe
Country: Luxembourg
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Addtional notes: Supplements paid for duties during nights, Sundays and public holidays. These supplements are exempted from tax in Luxembourg. These supplements will bring the net very close to the gross salary. Vacation supplements are paid to compensate the supplements shortfall during vacation periods. Overtime is tax free. Very generous social security system with a very complete benefits package despite one of the lowest levies in Europe.    
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last update

Capt top 15253,10 x 13 + supplements. After 31 yrs on A-scale, about 41 years on B-scale, so impossible.
Capt base 9275,61 x 13 + supplements
FO top 10972,38 x 13 + supplements. After 35 years on B-scale.. 22/Jan/18
FO base 4159,72 x 12 8/Jan/18
SO top
SO base No SOs
FE top
FE base
Flight Pay / Per Diem
last update
Capt 4,5E away from base
FO 4E/hr away from base
Pension Details
last update
Luxembourg state pension which is -as you would expect from the officialy richest country in the world 2007- not the worst + a fonds based pension plan from "swiss life insurance". You can choose (and change) from guaranteed to high risk fonds and the company will then invest for you a variable amount based on your rank and salery on a monthly basis.  
last update
Roster 13 rosters of 28 days published 2 weeks in advance; one block of 6 fixed off-days one block of 3 floating off-days; after 5 years a day before each block of off-days is added. LEAVE: 35 days per year; increases by 1 day per year up to total 42 days.
Leave 42 days per year on top of the guaranteed 9 days off per 28 day roster period.
Staff travel Exists on paper only for partner and kids until 21: Embargo for USA and China, as well as South America (de facto) since return flights go via Puerto Rico (USA). Most of the Africa flying is done by CVI with no privileges for CV staff. Stops in BAK, KRW, ALA, OVB are impossible or require visas. Roster instability also prevents plannable staff travel.
Employment Situation For Pilots
last update
  Current Situation:  
Positive but schedules very tiring 15/Jan/18
Adding 40-50 pilots per year over the next 2-3 years. 4/Dec/17
  Overall Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):  
Positive   15/Jan/18
Entry Requirements
last update
Internally according to seniority list. Time to upgrade presently 10+ years. 22/Aug/16
EASA Part FCL ATPL or CPL/IR with ATPL theory (Frozen ATPL) ◾EASA Part Med Class 1 Medical ◾Minimum 2000 hours total flying time including :◾A minimum of 1500 hours on multi-pilot turbo-jet aeroplane certificated to the standards of CS-25/FAR-25 or equivalent Or ◾A minimum of 1500 hours on a multi-pilot turbo-prop aeroplane having a maximum certificated take-off mass of not less than 10000 kg or a certificated passenger seating configuration of more than 19 passengers 27/Feb/17
No SO's. 10/Sep/07
Recruitment Process
last update
Round 1: 1 day in Luxembourg. Mollymawk tests. Round 2: 3 days in Luxembourg - day 1 group exercise & roleplay, day 2 interview, day 3 ATPL test + sim screening on B747. When successful: extensive medical with company doctor. 31/Jan/17
last update
B747-8F (14) B747-400F (7) B747-400ERF (2) 6/Sep/17
Looking for more B747's   8/Jan/18
Recruitment Contact For Pilots
last update
  Preferred method of application:  
Online through www.career.aero. Register for roadshow by sending an email to pilotcareer@cargolux.com. 27/Sep/17
  Job Title:  
CARGOLUX AIRLINES INTERNATIONAL S.A., Luxembourg Airport, L-2990 Luxembourg, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg   8/Sep/05
Tel: 00352 4211 1 8/Sep/05
Fax: 00352 43 54 46 8/Sep/05
Email: application form on cargolux website 22/Dec/05
www.cargolux.com   24/Oct/05
  Pilot vacancies webpage:   
www.career.aero   9/Nov/15
  Online application form link:   
www.cargolux.com   22/Dec/05
Bases For Pilots
last update
LUX   8/Sep/05


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