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Capt top 5000€ after tax 27/Mar/17
Capt base 2800€ after tax
FO top 4400€ Net for 65h guaranteed for French contracts 8/Jan/18
FO base 1200€ after taxe (Junior FO's for the first 18 months - French contract) 14/Nov/17
SO top

SO base
FE top
FE base
Additional Duty Pay / Per Diems for Travel Service Pilot Jobs
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Pension Details for Travel Service Pilot Jobs
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Conditions for Travel Service Pilot Jobs
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Roster Published 14 days in advance, 8 GDOs per month
Staff travel Discounted standby travel available after 3 months on Smart Wings routes network, only taxes are payable
Discounted holidays

Travel Service Pilot Jobs Situation

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Current Situation:  
Positive, CDG and PRG bases You can practice aptitude and psychometric tests here. 29/May/18
starting B737MAX operations beginning of 2018, additional fleet expansion planned   12/Dec/17
Overall Hiring Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):
Positive   29/May/18
Travel Service Pilot Jobs Entry Requirements (including preferred pilot schools)
last update
* No criminal report * No incident report * Class 1 Medical Certificate * A minimum of 4000 hours total flying time * A minimum of 300 hours total flying time as a Captain of Boeing 737 * No break of more than 12 months in the flights * Age between 26 – 55 * ICAO English level 4 or above * Must hold valid (unrestricted) EU passport / Citizenship / Right to Live & Work in Europe * Applicant has to accept difficult life style with many changes in the roster and a lot of long stays outside permanent base (wet and dry lease contracts) * Past successfully company Selection Screening (the contents and conditions will be send personally) 1/Feb/16
Junior FO -> TR16500€ + 6000€ Base training Permanent contract provideed before Line training To join an MCC/JOC training course email 14/Nov/17
Cadet program entry requirements: EASA Part-FCL CPL + ATPL theory ICAO Level 4+ Min 100 hrs PIC time MEP / IR + MCC Boeing 737NG Type Rating (advantageous) Accept any base + Junior FO Salary for 18 months We also require our pilots to be available 24h and 365 day a year. It requires to live at their permanent base. Our pilots also have to accept difficult lifestyle with many changes in the roster and a lot of long stays outside permanent bases including half years stays in Canada.   24/Mar/15
Recruitment Process for Travel Service Pilot Jobs
last update
All pilots applying for position of FO must succeed in following subject: Written part: 1) Compass test (computer test) approx. 90 min Performance and proficiency tests on PC which consists of: - Psychomotor coordination - Short-term memory - Mathematical perceptiveness - Space orientation - Coping with double roles The aim is to examine mental perceptiveness and capacity of the candidate and his ability to coordinate his movements, thinking and acting. 2) Technical test (computer test) approx. 50 min - Set of 45 multiple-choice questions with only one correct answer. Each correctly answered question is rated one point. 3) Psychological test (computer test) approx. 60 min - a set of more than 220 questions - the candidate is not expected to answer yes/no, there is no correct answer but the candidate will choose one of two offered options that best suits the given theme - the purpose is to examine the candidate’s personal qualities – his personality profile 4) English test approx. 60 min - general and aviation English Oral part: 1) Group Selection approx. 120 min - group assessment with psychologist, candidates have to solve concrete situation 2) Interview with psychologist approx. 30 min 3) Interview in English approx. 30 min - reading and understanding general and aviation English, interview on general and aviation topics 4) Technical interview approx. 60 min. Technical interview will examine the general knowledge of: - Flight documentation (NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs, Significant WX charts) - Jeppesen, charts, manuals, STAR, SID, APCH etc. - Good knowledge of L8168 (precision and non-precision approaches (categories, minimum, DA, MDA, CFDA, understanding of VDP, MAPt, MSA, MOCA, MORA, MFA, holding procedures holding speeds, radar vectors etc.), commencing and continuing final approach and limitations) - Flight planning and monitoring (fuel planning, weather, takeoff minimum, alternate and destination minimum, MAY DAY, PAN PAN, real communication – asking for clearance, readback, …. - etc… SIM Check: SIM Check on FNPT or for TR pilots and pilots applying for CP position on B737 NG full motion SIM. Short IFR flight with focus on following items: - standard instrument departure using conventional means of navigation - determination of aircraft position - transition altitude / transition level - joining of determined route - standard instrument arrival - entry in published holding pattern - instrument approach with own navigation from IAF - missed approach procedure - standard ICAO ATC phraseology - airmanship Practice aptitude and psychometric tests here.  1/Feb/16
last update
4x C680 2x B737-700 27x B737-800 2x B737-900ER 20/Nov/17
now 39x B737 (8x from 2018, 15x from 2019, 9x from 2023)   12/Dec/17
Travel Service Pilot Jobs Recruitment Contact
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Preferred method of application:  
Online. Via Email. 1/Feb/16
Job Title:  
1077 Budapest, Wessel�nyi u. 16/a 19/May/12
Email: 1/Feb/16
Website:  1/Feb/16  
Pilot vacancies webpage:  
Online application form link:  
Bases For Travel Service Pilot Jobs (including restrictions for recent pilot school graduates)
last update
PRG, WAW, KTW, BTS, BUD, CDG. Winter dry-lease in YQR, YXE, YOW. ACMI Oman Air, Mega Maldives Airlines, Air Transat
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