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Capt top 13446 Euro 2/Feb/15
Capt base 7964 Euro
FO top 8648 Euro 2/Feb/15
FO base 4926 Euro including 105 h Flight Duty Time results in roundabout 60Bh 2/Feb/15
SO top

SO base
FE top
FE base
Additional Duty Pay / Per Diems for Lufthansa CityLine Pilot Jobs
last update
Capt According to official per diems as set by federal tax administration. I.e. E24-E72 per day dependig on country.
FO See Cpt.
Pension Details for Lufthansa CityLine Pilot Jobs
last update
Normal Lufthansa pension fund ("Betriebsrente"), which is pretty good.  
Conditions for Lufthansa CityLine Pilot Jobs
last update
Roster Min. 10d OFF per Month. Max. 5d ON, then min. 3d OFF
Leave First year on 38 days leave up to 42 for 5th year. Many part time contract models available (90%,85%,75%,66%,50%, all in dozens of variations).E.g.: 90%=37 additional holidays per year, 75%=either 1 weeks per month off or 2 weeks every two months, etc, etc, etc.
Staff travel Yes, like LH mainline, same status. Worldwide ID travel with Star Alliance and almost all other major carriers.
Discounted holidays Yes

Lufthansa CityLine Pilot Jobs Situation

last update
Current Situation:  
Not hiring. 26/Oct/15
Not hiring.   26/Oct/15
Overall Hiring Situation (+ve/neutral/-ve):
Neutral   26/Oct/15
Lufthansa CityLine Pilot Jobs Entry Requirements (including preferred pilot schools)
last update
No direct entry captains.
EU citizenship or work permit by government required. German language competence: simple or normal conversation, (heavy) accent not a problem. Company is pretty international, employing a lot of colleagues from the Netherlands and many other countries. School exams: A-Levels (Abitur, Matura, fachgebundene Hochschulreife; call them for details if you hold a foreign school exam). Hiring people who pass DLR (Lufthansa entry test), even with no commercial experience. Frozen ATPL required. Medical has to be obtained from Lufthansa AMC Frankfurt. Initial medical, even if you already hold a valid medical. No other medicals accepted. Type Rating paid by company, MCC can be obtained during T/R (paid by company). During the type rating, accomodation in Berlin (Steigenberger Hotel, sometimes Marriott or Ritz-Carlton) and daily allowances are paid by company. You get several free rides home during T/R. Travel home can be used on own descretion during off-periods in Berlin, hotel is booked non-stop. 6/Jun/10
Self sponsored scheme via Flightcrew Academy. To attend the school, cadets must at least have passed day 1 of Lufthansa ab-initio "Firmenqualifikation" (FQ) selection. Graduates still have to pass Lufthansa Pilot selection after training. Only guarantee is invitation to selection process. Flightcrew Academy is currently closed, due to no demand for pilots at the partner airlines Lufthansa Cityline and Germanwings.   12/Jan/15
Recruitment Process for Lufthansa CityLine Pilot Jobs
last update
Same process as LH-Mainline >   2/Oct/12
last update
Bombardier CRJ 900 (17), Embraer E190 (9), Embraer E195 (24), Airbus A340-300 (2)) 26/Oct/15
A340-300 (6)   26/Oct/15
Lufthansa CityLine Pilot Jobs Recruitment Contact
last update
Preferred method of application: 2/Nov/12
Mrs. Birgit Klein or Mrs. Sibel Kiroudis 6/Jun/10
Job Title:  
Lufthansa CityLine GmbH Crew Training FA Waldstrasse 247 51147 Koeln Germany 6/Jun/10
Tel: +49- (0)2203 - 596 527 6/Jun/10
Fax: +49 - (0)2203 - 596 525 6/Jun/10
Email: 6/Jun/10
Website:  31/Aug/04  
Pilot vacancies webpage:  6/Jun/10  
Online application form link:  2/Nov/12    
Bases For Lufthansa CityLine Pilot Jobs (including restrictions for recent pilot school graduates)
last update
Actually only MUC for newbies. Nevertheless, many crewmembers with old contracts are based in HAM, DUS, HAJ, TXL, CGN and BRE. All old Bases are fixed by a new MTV.
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