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JobsinAviation.com provides 1000s of jobs from around the world for all skills and roles within the aviation and aerospace industry.

Pilot job vacancies include fixed wing, helicopter, commercial, cargo and VVIP positions for various licences, hours and aircraft types.

We're pleased to form a partnership with Pilotjobsnetwork to help us both make finding a new job as a pilot as easy as possible!

This site is provided to help students of aviation schools and flight schools find opportunities in the aviation industry. Whether you are looking for specific airline pilot vacancies or more general information on piloting careers, aviation schools, pilot interviews, type rating requirements, pilot salaries and airlines, this website can help.

Coverage of airline pilot opportunities is provided for many airlines and flight schools, and you can search by aircraft type if you have a type rating and are looking for specific pilot employment opportunities. Students at aviation schools and flight schools may wish to visit the website periodically to keep up to date with the latest pilot recruitment news.

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