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Pilot Jobs Factfile Updates
_16Feb - Italy (Ma) - Air Italy (Closed) -VE

_15Feb - Greece (Ma) - Aegean Airlines +VE

_15Feb - Germany (Fr) - Air Hamburg Luftverkehrsgesellschaft mbH +VE

_15Feb - Switzerland (Ma) - Edelweiss Air +VE

_15Feb - Hong Kong (Ma) - Hong Kong Airlines -VE

_15Feb - Spain (Ch) - Galistair +VE

_15Feb - Turkey (Ma) - Atlas Global -VE

_15Feb - Ireland (Re) - CityJet -VE

_14Feb - United Arab Emirates (Fr) - Al Jaber Aviation (Closed) -VE

_12Feb - Germany (Ch) - Private Wings Flugcharter GmbH N

_11Feb - Norway (Re) - Wideroe's Flyveselskap AS +VE

_11Feb - Germany (Ca) - AeroLogic GmbH +VE

_10Feb - Austria (Ma) - LEVEL Europe N

_9Feb - Turkey (Ma) - Onur Air +VE

_9Feb - Hungary (Ma) - Wizz Air +VE

_9Feb - Germany (Ch) - Condor +VE


_9Feb - Austria (Ma) - Laudamotion N

_9Feb - UK (Ma) - Jet2.com +VE

_9Feb - China (Ma) - China Eastern Airlines -VE

_9Feb - China (Le) - China Southern Airlines -VE

_9Feb - South Africa (Le) - South African Airways -VE

_9Feb - Qatar (Le) - Qatar Airways +VE

_9Feb - Germany (Ca) - European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH +VE

_9Feb - Latvia (Ma) - Air Baltic +VE

_9Feb - Germany (Ma) - Eurowings GmbH N

_9Feb - Italy (Ma) - Alitalia N

_8Feb - United Arab Emirates (Ma) - Etihad Airways N

_4Feb - Estonia (Re) - AirEst +VE

_4Feb - UK (Ca) - West Atlantic UK +VE

_4Feb - Czech Republic (Ch) - Travel Service +VE

_4Feb - Austria (Ma) - Eurowings Europe GmbH -VE

_4Feb - Iceland (Ch) - Air Atlanta Icelandic +VE

_4Feb - Tanzania (Ma) - Fastjet -VE

_4Feb - France (Le) - Air France N

_3Feb - Spain (Ma) - Iberia L.A.E +VE

_3Feb - Turkey (Le) - Turkish Airlines -VE

_2Feb - Switzerland (Fr) - Comlux Aviation +VE

_2Feb - France (Ma) - La Compagnie +VE

_2Feb - France (Ma) - Air Caraïbes Atlantique +VE

_2Feb - Belgium (Ca) - ASL Airlines Belgium +VE

_2Feb - Lithuania (Ch) - GetJet Airlines +VE

_2Feb - Germany (Fr) - PAD Aviation Service +VE

_2Feb - Kazakhstan (Ma) - Air Astana +VE

_2Feb - Turkey (Ma) - Corendon Airlines +VE

_27Jan - Portugal (Ch) - Hifly +VE

_26Jan - Turkey (Ma) - SunExpress +VE

_26Jan - UK (Re) - Sheffield Aero Club (Flight School) (Closed) -VE

_26Jan - Denmark (Ch) - Great Dane Airlines +VE

_26Jan - Malta (Fr) - VistaJet +VE

_26Jan - France (Ma) - French Bee N

_26Jan - Serbia (Ma) - Air Serbia +VE

_21Jan - Spain (Re) - Binter Canarias +VE

_21Jan - United Arab Emirates (Le) - Emirates +VE

_21Jan - Luxembourg (Ca) - Cargolux N

_21Jan - Croatia (Ch) - Trade Air +VE

_21Jan - Denmark (Ch) - Sunclass Airlines N

_15Jan - UK (Re) - Loganair -VE

_15Jan - Lithuania (Ch) - Avion Express +VE

_15Jan - Switzerland (Ma) - Helvetic Airways +VE

_15Jan - Malta (Ma) - Malta Air +VE

+VE = Positive pilot jobs news
N = Neutral pilot jobs news

-VE = Negative pilot jobs news
[only news within the period of each regional update list is indicated]

(Ca) = Cargo (Ch) = Charter (Fr) = Fractional/Corporate (He) = Helicopter
(Le) = Legacy (Ma) = Major / National / Low Cost (Re) = Regional


This site is provided to help students of aviation schools and flight schools find opportunities in the aviation industry. Whether you are looking for specific airline pilot vacancies or more general information on piloting careers, aviation schools, pilot interviews, type rating requirements, pilot salaries and airlines, this website can help.

Coverage of airline pilot opportunities is provided for many airlines and flight schools, and you can search by aircraft type if you have a type rating and are looking for specific pilot employment opportunities. Students at aviation schools and flight schools may wish to visit the website periodically to keep up to date with the latest pilot recruitment news.

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