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11 Jun - Luxembourg (Re) - Luxair
New Pilot Cadet program started. More infos on https://luxair.csod.com/ats/careersite/JobDetails.aspx?id=2072&site=3

11 Jun - UK (Re) - Eastern Airways
Hiring. Flybe franchise partnership continues. Fleet rationalisation taking place

11 Jun - Malta (Ch) - Medavia
Hiring 2 F/O both should reside in Malta

11 Jun - Portugal (Ch) - Hifly
Looking for Pilots. Phased in 3 A319 to operate the Airbus shuttle service.

27 May - Spain (Ma) - Air Europa
Project under development to start ops within Brazil

27 May - Romania (Ch) - Carpatair
Summer ACMI for Adria Airways and Montenegro Airlines throughout summer

27 May - Austria (Ma) - Anisec Luftfahrt Gmbh (Level Austria)
Recruitment slowed a bit. Lots of training including new Type Ratings for A320 ongoing.

27 May - Belgium (Ca) - ACE Belgium Freighters
Startup of ACE group, with Belgian registered aircraft and AOC
Positions available for rated pilots

21 May - USA (Ca) - National Airlines
Phase in of two A330s

21 May - Switzerland (Ma) - Helvetic Airways
- Dash-8 Project cancelled. - Fleet will increase to 15 E1/E2 till 2020 in total. More E2 still optional.
- Up to 50 FO/CMD needed in the next three years due to expansion.

21 May - Latvia (Ma) - Air Baltic
Hiring. Many people leaving after 737 retirement. Others leaving due to rosters/conditions.

21 May - France (Le) - Air France
Hiring up to 500 pilots in 2019 (including about 100 cadets)

21 May - Turkey (Ma) - Corendon Airlines
New base in CGN In Summer

21 May - Switzerland (Fr) - Comlux Aviation
looking for Captain B767

21 May - UK (Fr) - Tag Aviation UK
seeking a First Officer on a Global 5000

21 May - Spain (Ma) - Volotea
6 more A319s coming in next months

21 May - France (Ma) - La Compagnie
First neo to become operational in coming weeks

21 May - Spain (Ma) - Level
Starting New US destinations from ORY by years end to compete with Eurowings

21 May - Denmark (Ch) - Great Dane Airlines
Just hired new pilots

20 May - Japan (Ma) - Skymark Airlines
Hiring. ICAO ATP Licence with relevant and valid Jet Type Rating & Class 1 Medical Certificate,

20 May - Germany (Ca) - AeroLogic GmbH
3 more aircraft joining the fleet in 2019, regular screenings for flight crew taking place

20 May - United Arab Emirates (Le) - Emirates
Desperate for pilots, entry standard lowered, now is the time for turbo prop pilots to apply. High turnover in captains, more opportunities for First Officers to upgrade.

20 May - Spain (Ch) - Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics
Hiring. Few pilots leaving due to better roster conditions and salaries

20 May - Spain (Ma) - MEDOPS
Currently hiring CRJ TR FO and CAPT

29 Apr - Ireland (Ma) - Ryanair
Hiring but enough pilots to cover summer and next winter schedule comfortably. Pilots flying less, more standbys and increased fixed pay so no difference in salary.
Less hiring due to new conditions being attractive to stay. Still hiring but less than last year.

29 Apr - UK (Fr) - Synergy Aviation
looking for experienced Captains

29 Apr - Germany (Fr) - Silver Cloud Air
looking for rated First Officers CJ, german language is an advantage

23 Apr - United Arab Emirates (Ma) - Air Arabia
Introduction of A321LR neo

15 Apr - USA (Ma) - JetBlue Airways
Hiring. Plans for NATS to Europe

15 Apr - Austria (Re) - Welcome Air / Tyrol Air Ambulance
Hiring F/O pAstra SPX/G100

15 Apr - Montenegro (Ma) - Montenegro Airlines
looking for candidates F/O for EMB195

15 Apr - Denmark (Ch) - Jet Time
Company is doing good, in the process of upgrading FOs to FCs. As all positions are filled, no hiring expected before the fall 2019.
Flying a lot of ACMI for SAS, Norwegian and Transavia. Besides to the wetleases for TUI.

15 Apr - Moldova (Ma) - Air Moldova
recruiting for summer season

15 Apr - Greece (Re) - Sky Express
Interline agreement signed to link its network to KLM/AF flights out of ATH

15 Apr - Hong Kong (Fr) - Tag Asia
hiring F/O for Hong Kong base

15 Apr - Germany (Fr) - FAI rent-a-jet
Hiring but many people leaving due to working conditions and lack of upgrades

15 Apr - UK (Re) - Flight Calibration Services
still looking for MEP pilot

15 Apr - Kazakhstan (Re) - Qazaq Air
Fleet just expanded with one new Q400
International expansion plans

8 Apr - UK (Ma) - BA Cityflyer
Company have just given a 5% increase to all salaries, Outside of the normal negotiations. Pay negotiations start in July. Hiring. People still leaving in massive numbers.

8 Apr - Germany (Ma) - Germanwings
Shortage of around 50 FOs this summer. More NFF expected to leave for Lufthansa in the near future
Good! The only problem is a lack of trainers, hence the waiting list

1 Apr - USA (Ma) - ExpressJet Airlines
welcoming Australian pilots via new E-3 Visa Program. Beware of conditions

1 Apr - Luxembourg (Ca) - Cargolux
Looking for F/O, permanent contracts

1 Apr - China (Ma) - Xiamen Airlines
Hiring. Salary no longer competative compared to other airlines in China. Time from the date you join until Linecheck is now 10-12 months. On 70% salary (first month!) and then 80% for the rest of the training period. Manual says 50 hours training - company want’s 180-200 hours plus extra simcheck on top og linecheck. Must fly with training captain after linecheck until you have covered all destinations. Morale in foreign pilot-group is very low. Company are taking away bonuses if you have underflown according to contract. Eventhough the Company are scheduling less and less hours.

1 Apr - Hong Kong (Ma) - Hong Hong Express
Company bought for $628 million from Chinese HNA Group, the current owner. Now belongs to Cathay Pacific

1 Apr - Netherlands (Ch) - AIS Airlines
Hiring but still asking for money for the job training.

1 Apr - Spain (Ch) - Evelop
First A350 entering ops

1 Apr - Estonia (Ma) - Nordica
Flying wetlease for Air Sebia in summer season

25 Mar - Russia (Ch) - Jet24
Need SIC for Global Express

18 Mar - Slovac Republic (Ch) - Air Explore
ACMI operator

11 Mar - Hungary (Ma) - Wizz Air
First A321neo delivered

11 Mar - Germany (Ch) - SunExpress Deutschland GmbH
Plans for new destinations for Eurowings brand out of MUC and FRA

11 Mar - Germany (Fr) - PAD Aviation Service
hiring Phenom 300 F/Os

4 Mar - UK (Le) - British Airways
Now recruiting new pilots with no airline experience from modular or integrated background for FO positions on A320 at LGW. The pilot MUST PAY £18,000 upfront for the type rating

4 Mar - Serbia (Ma) - Air Serbia
Looking for Non Type Rated Captains and First Officers. Type Rated CAPT&FO- ATR72 Type Rated CAPT&FO- B737 Type Rated CAPT&FO- A320

4 Mar - France (Ma) - OpenSkies
hiring A330 first officers

4 Mar - Italy (Ca) - Cargolux Italia
Positive. Hiring FO

1 Mar - Denmark (Le) - SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Recruiting F/O to ARN&OSL at this time. CPH-recruitment will start later. Experienced will get interview asap and lowtimers outside UiT/TFHS-schools will most likely be hired later this year
Phase out of B737 and refleet with A320neo. SAS have a huge demand due retirements, and will hire at least 100-150 pilots a year next ten years to cope for retirements

1 Mar - Netherlands (Le) - KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines)
Hiring 400 new positions for 2019

1 Mar - Germany (Ch) - WDL Aviation
Hiring Cpt and FO for Dash 8

1 Mar - Greece (Ma) - Aegean Airlines
Hiring. pilots not joining because conditions are not good.My id travel no longer available for non greek,expect to spend at least 500 euro/month to commute,salary is not the same for everybody and recruiter fee is very high so low money in your pocket

1 Mar - Germany (Re) - LGW Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter mbH
company sold to Zeitfracht GmbH and becoming sister company of WDL. Wetlease vehicle for Eurowings

1 Mar - Germany (Ch) - Private Wings Flugcharter GmbH
Hiring First Officers. PWF gradually seems to counteract for some pilots who left due to great hiring situation of big airlines and maybe for expansion reasons.

1 Mar - Germany (Fr) - BMW
Normal fluctuation to be filled by freelancers.

1 Mar - Luxembourg (Fr) - Jetfly
Looking for PC12 Direct entry Captain
PC12 Captain and First officer. No direct entry on PC24.

1 Mar - France (Ma) - French Bee
Lot of pilots leaving due to lack of conditions and money. Flying up to 15 days away of home. Currently hiring giving a bond of 2/3 years to keep you in.

1 Mar - Lithuania (Ch) - GetJet Airlines
Two more A320 coming by summer

17 Feb - Netherlands (Ch) - TUI fly (TUI Airlines Netherlands)
Employing on year contracts. Normally a permanent contract is offered after 2 year contracts.

17 Feb - UK (Re) - Loganair
Hiring pilots

17 Feb - Germany (Fr) - DC Aviation
looking for FO on 560 XLS

17 Feb - Portugal (Ch) - White
Contract to fly wet leases for TUI Germany

17 Feb - Spain (Ma) - easyJet (Spain)
Hiring FO
Looking for FO to be based on BCN and PMI

17 Feb - Lithuania (Ch) - Avion Express
Hiring Captains and FO's. Cadet program available with BAA Training ATO.

13 Feb - Netherlands (Ca) - Martinair
New CLA creating some opportunities. New positions likely.

13 Feb - UK (Le) - Virgin Atlantic
Currently recruiting Airbus rated pilots. Min of 2500hrs total time with 500hrs on type. All recruitment adverts & applications via website.

13 Feb - USA (Ma) - Alaska Airlines
Significant bonus for staff following good results 2018. $136 million will be shared

13 Feb - Poland (Ma) - LOT Polish Airlines
From Jan 19, pay raise by 14% to all CPT and FO 787 Dreamliner, Dash Q400 and CPT of B737 and Embraer.
Opening London city from Warsaw, Budapest and Vilnius, but Budapest base is postponed at least to autumn 2019 for Embraer fleet. Salaries are increased for captains by 10-15% to compensate high expansion and leaving staff.

13 Feb - Austria (Ma) - Laudamotion
Airline now 100% owned by Ryanair.
Aim to have 6 million pax and fleet of 30 aircraft by 2020

13 Feb - UK (Re) - Blue Islands
Company expansion combined with crew turn over give a positive outlook for hiring of both First Officers and Captains.

13 Feb - Austria (Ch) - GlobeAir
positive due to continue fleet expansion

13 Feb - Malta (Ch) - Maleth-Aero
Hiring Captain and First Officer B737.

23 Jan - Philippines (Ma) - Cebu Pacific
A321neo into service

23 Jan - Denmark (Fr) - Air Alsie denmark
Looking good, new aircraft expected in 2019

23 Jan - UK (Fr) - SaxonAir
Phenom 300 added

23 Jan - Germany (Ca) - Cargologic Germany
Looking for rated B737 pilots

23 Jan - Germany (Ch) - TUIfly
hiring F/O´s

23 Jan - Germany (Ca) - Cargologic Germany
Looking for rated B737 pilots

14 Jan - UK (Ma) - Flybe (Jet)
Bought by consortium of Virgin-Stobart and US investment firm Cyrus Capital (40%). Will be managed under company Connect Airways Ltd. First short term financial injection of €22 million. Rebranding as Virgin Atlantic likely.

14 Jan - UK (Ma) - Jet2.com
Hiring pilots.

14 Jan - UK (Ma) - Flybe (Turboprop)
Bought by consortium of Virgin-Stobart and US investment firm Cyrus Capital (40%). Will be managed under company Connect Airways Ltd. First short term financial injection of €22 million. Rebranding as Virgin Atlantic likely.

14 Jan - UK (Ma) - Wizzair (UK Contract)
Further plans to increase LTN base to 11 aircraft

14 Jan - UK (Ma) - Ryanair UK
new AOC for Ryanair to prepare non-EU flights after Brexit

7 Jan - Spain (Ma) - Vueling
Hiring. The requirment to speak spanish is now cancelled. Applicants only need to speak english Level 4 minimum.

7 Jan - Poland (Ch) - Enter Air
Hiring but Pay to fly

7 Jan - France (Fr) - Regourd Aviation
Good, flying for ACMI contract and Charters flights

7 Jan - Poland (Ch) - Ryanair Sun
constant hiring because few in ryr internally wants to apply.

2 Jan - Germany (Ca) - European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH
Hiring on all fleets.

24 Dec - Switzerland (Le) - Swiss International Air Lines
Looking for ab-initio candidates

24 Dec - Ireland (Ma) - SAS Ireland
Airline hiring new pilots improved contracts

17 Dec - Ireland (Le) - Aer Lingus (ROI Contract)
Recruitment of 100 DEPs

17 Dec - Malta (Fr) - VistaJet
Hiring. Staff turnover, high duty hours.

10 Dec - Slovenia (Ma) - Adria Airways
Slow recruiting. Bad and slow communucation/administration. Prepare for cumbersome conversion of license to SLO even if you have an EASA license. Debt and bad economical situation causing the investor to raise capital twice this year to be able to pay salaries.
1 CRJ 700 returned to lessor. Reducing regular scheduled flights and focusing on ACMI and ad-hoc/charter. 3-4 of 6 SAAB's will be returned to lessor due to lag of trained crew. A319's now only flying ACMI for Lufthansa from MUC.

26 Nov - Hong Kong (Le) - Cathay Pacific
Hiring but company introduced a new contract eff Dec 1st. Pay by the hour and lower education allowance and other cuts (total reduction of about 30%)

26 Nov - Netherlands (Ma) - transavia.com
hiring F/O for B737, also NTR

26 Nov - Croatia (Ch) - Trade Air
Looking for A320 Captain through Brookfield Aviation. Looking for A320 First Officers through AviationCV

26 Nov - Czech Republic (Ch) - Travel Service
Owned by Unimex Group and two entrepreneurs. Significant share of Chinese investor: CEFC Investment Services. Recently bought 98% of CSA.

13 Nov - UK (Ca) - West Atlantic
looking for Captains on ATP. No self-sponsoring, bond.

13 Nov - Germany (Fr) - MHS Aviation
looking urgently for first officers on Learjet, Do328 and Phenom

13 Nov - Germany (Fr) - ACM Air Charter
looking for GLEX FO looking for F2TH Captain/FO

13 Nov - UK (Ca) - CargoLogicAir
Very good revenues for 2018. Expansion planned

13 Nov - Germany (Fr) - Excellent Air GmbH
hiring Co-Pilot C560XLS

5 Nov - UK (Ca) - DHL Air UK
Hiring from all backgrounds

5 Nov - Spain (Ch) - Swiftair
ATR Captains shortage. Nevertheless, they reject to improve current working conditions.

5 Nov - Malta (Fr) - Luxwing
5-10 new pilots every year.

5 Nov - France (Ch) - Portugal
2ATR ATRs operating at Limoges(LFBL). CS-DVL, CS-DTO, CS-DVO. CS-DVF not operating for the company.

5 Nov - France (Ch) - AstonJet
Expect a lot of night duty because C510 = medical flights only

29 Oct - French Polynesia (Re) - Air Tahiti
Recruiting captain on BE200 and DHC6 (Air Archipels)

29 Oct - Singapore (Ma) - Jetstar Asia
hiring. Pilots leaving for better rostering and conditions

22 Oct - Germany (Re) - Lufthansa CityLine
Positive. salary increase for the next years and a growth-related increase for 2021. Company pension plan will be adapted to the regulations for Lufthansa’s mainline staff.
New agreement assures a minimum of 45 planes to be operated on behalf of Lufthansa. Possible expansion in Eurowings longhaul segment creating new perspectives.

22 Oct - Brazil (Ma) - GOL LINHAS AEREAS S.A
Phase in of 737MAX ongoing, 4x B737MAX8 by end of 2018. large order
Fleet renewal program for next 10 years

22 Oct - Portugal (Ma) - Azores Airlines
The last A310 left the fleet and their only A330 is to leave by the end of Oct2018. Nonetheless company is growing in size and as some pilots left lately there’s a great demand for FO.

15 Oct - Switzerland (Fr) - Global Jet
Hiring. Many pilots leave for better contract and working condition specially F/O. No chance to be upgraded

15 Oct - Russia (Ca) - Air Bridge Cargo
Expansion distribution centre in EBLG

15 Oct - French Polynesia (Fr) - Air Archipels
Recruting FOs and Captains. Preference given to "locals" (people already living in French Polynesia), but pool of pilots drying up.
Fleet stable

8 Oct - UK (Fr) - Netjets Europe
Recruiting First Officers

8 Oct - Italy (Ch) - Neos
Hiring expected due to staff turnover.

8 Oct - Taiwan (Ma) - EVA Airways
Phase in of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

8 Oct - UK (Re) - Jota Aviation
ACMI cargo operations to be started with 146

8 Oct - UK (Re) - 2 Excel Aviation
Hiring MEP pilot

8 Oct - Germany (Fr) - Peak Air GmbH
Good! Looking for CPT and F/O
Small team of motivated collegues. Personal atmosphere. Looking to expand. A good chance for new employees to influence, organize and design within the company. Upgrade to a postholder management position possible. Permanent contract. Homebase SXF Berlin. You need to be willing to move to or close to Berlin.

1 Oct - UK (Ma) - easyJet (UK Contract)
Positive hiring in many bases

1 Oct - Germany (Le) - Lufthansa German Airlines
Hiring. Restructure planned of FRA and MUC hub. More longhaul focus on MUC base.

1 Oct - Italy (Ma) - Blue Panorama Airlines
hiring on both fleet, initially offered 6 month contract

1 Oct - Germany (Fr) - Air Hamburg Luftverkehrsgesellschaft mbH
Very positive, high demand on pilots due to exponentially fleet growth and new aircract type.
Currently hiring for a modern fleet

1 Oct - Senegal (Ma) - Air Senegal
Starting Paris route beginning 2019

24 Sep - Portugal (Ch) - EuroAtlantic Airways
Hiring FO's and capts. Company in final stages of new ownership.

24 Sep - Belgium (Ma) - TUI (Belgium)
Hiring FO's

24 Sep - Albania (Ma) - Air Albania
New scheduled airline operating with Airbus. Investors are Turkish Airlines (49%), MDN Investment (41%) and Albcontrol (10%)
Routes linking some European capitals.

24 Sep - Hong Kong (Ca) - Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier Ltd.
First Officers
New cargo airline based in HK with international expansion

24 Sep - Hong Kong (Ca) - Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier Ltd.
First Officers
New cargo airline based in HK with international expansion

17 Sep - Japan (Le) - Air Japan
Looking for rated and non-rated FO's and recently opened applications for non-JCAB licensed DEC

17 Sep - Belgium (Fr) - ASL
Hiring this year

17 Sep - Netherlands (Ma) - TUI (Netherlands contract)
Hiring pilots

17 Sep - Moldova (Ca) - Aero Trans Cargo
Both captains and first officers needed

10 Sep - Netherlands (Fr) - Exxaero
Positive, expanding fleet

10 Sep - Turkey (Ma) - SunExpress
positive hiring

10 Sep - Germany (Ma) - Eurowings GmbH
More intercity shuttle routings coming in 2019

10 Sep - Turkey (Ca) - ACT AIRLINES
Now hiring NTR/TR First Officers

3 Sep - Russia (Le) - Aeroflot
Hiring Captains

3 Sep - Indonesia (Ma) - VietJet Air
Hiring Pilots

3 Sep - Italy (Ma) - Ernest Airlines
hiring italian license first officers

3 Sep - Luxembourg (Fr) - Global Jet (Luxembourg)
Due to economic upturn, many pilots leave for better conditions and employment contract
Same management No chance to be upgrade for F/O

29 Aug - Qatar (Le) - Qatar Airways
hiring mainly F/Os

29 Aug - South Africa (Ma) - South African Express
SA CAA to re award both the operator certificate and its maintenance approval

29 Aug - Oman (Ma) - Oman Air
hiring First Officers on B 737

29 Aug - UK (Ma) - Aer Lingus (UK Contract)
Positive, hiring.

29 Aug - UK (Ma) - Aer Lingus (UK Contract)
Positive, hiring.

29 Aug - Hong Kong (Ma) - Cathay Dragon
Accepting only applications for cadet program at the moment (HKID needed to be eligible to apply)

29 Aug - Greece (Ch) - Olympus Airbus
Looking for A320 Pilots. Lots of operational issues
Performing wet lease operations for European tour operators (TUI, FTI..)

21 Aug - UK (Ch) - TUI Airways

21 Aug - Kazakhstan (Ma) - Air Astana
Hiring captains and few F/O's possibly, many pilots leaving due very low salary, blame und punish culture and heavy winter in Astana (no chance to have Almaty base in the future), company changed to low cost (food), nearly no upgrade of expats so captains fly max hours, many totally overloaded and tired

21 Aug - Spain (Re) - FTE Jerez
hiring low hour pilots and providing FI course

21 Aug - France (Fr) - Oyonnair

13 Aug - Austria (Fr) - Avconjet
Hiring on several aircrafts

13 Aug - Japan (Ma) - Peach Aviation
Open for both capt and FO

13 Aug - Germany (Ma) - Easyjet (German Contract)
Positive across the company

6 Aug - Switzerland (Re) - Zimex Aviation
Hiring on Pilatus PC6T. Accepting applications on all types.

6 Aug - Romania (Ma) - Tarom
Hiring B737 F/O's with 500 hours on type. only LOCALS. No chance as a foreign pilot

30 Jul - Australia (Le) - Qantas
Hiring 100's of pilots

30 Jul - France (Ma) - HOP
Positive for jet

30 Jul - China (Re) - Sichuan Air
Becoming largest Airbus operator in Asia

9 Jul - Germany (Ca) - Lufthansa Cargo
Two new B777 freighters coming into service early 2019

9 Jul - Estonia (Ma) - Nordica (Regional Jet OU)
Hiring on CRJ and ATR

9 Jul - United Arab Emirates (Re) - Abu Dhabi Aviation
positive on DHC

9 Jul - Germany (Fr) - Eisele Flugdienst / e-aviation
positive on C525 and C680

2 Jul - South Africa (Ch) - Sahara African Aviation
Good, Hiring FO's
Fast upgrades to command.

2 Jul - Hungary (Ca) - Asl Airlines Hungary
Hiring captains

26 Jun - Sweden (Re) - Cityjet Sweden
Short of pilots. Hiring in Tallinn and Vilnius bases with lower conditions.
Expanding bases in Tallinn and Vilnius. Cheaper conditions.

26 Jun - USA (Le) - Delta Air Lines
signed a firm purchase agreement for 20 new CRJ900s

26 Jun - China (Ma) - Spring Airlines
Very good - more aircraft soon

13 Jun - Slovac Republic (Ca) - Air Cargo Global
Positive they are looking for new pilots

13 Jun - Norway (Re) - Wideroe's Flyveselskap AS
Hiring lots of FOs the next couple of years. More E2-series options expected to be converted into firm orders.

13 Jun - Romania (Ma) - Blue Air
hiring first officer and commander

13 Jun - Sweden (Le) - SAS - Scandinavian Airline System
Might be hiring in autumn 2018, 70-100 pilots

13 Jun - USA (Ma) - Horizon Air
Positive hiring

13 Jun - Hong Kong (Ca) - Air Hong Kong
Recruiting for A300, currently a hold pool whilst crew are moved to A330

13 Jun - France (Ma) - easyJet (French Contract)
Hiring rated FOs and Captains. CCQ possible (partly funded) if Airbus CCQ needed

13 Jun - Rwanda (Ma) - RwandAir
CRJ phase-out in planning phase

13 Jun - South Africa (Ma) - FlySafair
currently hiring

13 Jun - Austria (Ma) - easyJet Europe Airline GmbH
Separately founded easyJet division with Austrian AOC in anticipation Brexit. Currently largest airline operating in Austria
Wetlease ops for EasyJet group

13 Jun - France (Fr) - Groupe Atlantic
hiring for C525 (longterm on company plane)

13 Jun - Germany (Re) - OFD Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst
looking for Pilots

29 May - Brunei (Ma) - Royal Brunei Airlines
Fleet renewal with A320neo, first of seven deliveries in May 2018

29 May - UK (Ca) - Atlantic Airlines
Good but pay is very poor

29 May - Canada (Ch) - Sunwing Airlines
Two new B737 MAX taken into service

29 May - Portugal (Ma) - TAP Air Portugal
This year will hire 170 F/O

29 May - Morocco (Ma) - Royal Air Maroc
Currently hiring expat fo on 2 year contract

29 May - China (Le) - China Southern Airlines
Always looking for new pilots. Fleet increase on B787

29 May - Luxembourg (Fr) - LEA
Desperate for pilots

29 May - Saudi Arabia (Fr) - ARAMCO
national cadet FOs

29 May - Qatar (Fr) - Boeing (Flight School)
Hiring SFI Qatar

14 May - USA (Ma) - Spirit Airlines
Hiring 40 - 50 a month.

14 May - UK (Ma) - Wizz Air UK
New airline with UK AOC

14 May - Germany (Fr) - Aerowest
Urgent need for Cpt. on Sovereign.

14 May - Netherlands (Re) - Paracentrum Texel
seasonal para drop activities. They always are in search for new pilots

30 Apr - USA (Ma) - Hawaiian Airlines
10 x 787-9 ordered plus 10 options

30 Apr - Hong Kong (Ma) - Hong Kong Express Airways
Hiring FOs especially

30 Apr - USA (Re) - GoJet Airlines
Hiring. High turnover

30 Apr - Germany (Fr) - ZQW Aviation Service GmbH
Looking for Freelance EASA Cpt and Fo TR or NTR Cessna Citation Jet FAA MEP IR License or Validation is considered a serious advantage

30 Apr - France (Re) - ESMA Aviation
More instructors are expected to leave, turn over due to low income and very good market for pilots.

30 Apr - Belgium (Fr) - FlyinGroup
delivery of first Falcon 8X

30 Apr - Germany (Fr) - ZQW Aviation Service GmbH
Looking for Freelance EASA Cpt and Fo TR or NTR Cessna Citation Jet FAA MEP IR License or Validation is considered a serious advantage

30 Apr - Madagascar (Re) - Tsaradia
Licensed for ops. Partly owned by Air Austral

30 Apr - Austria (Fr) - Goldeck-Flug
Hiring on Citation

23 Apr - Belarus (Ma) - Belavia
Phase in of E175 and E195

23 Apr - Indonesia (Ch) - Susi Air
Lots of people leaving, hiring. Many FOs and internal upgrades needed.

23 Apr - UK (Fr) - Air Charter Scotland
Potentially hiring in the next few months

23 Apr - Russia (Ma) - Nordwind Airlines
Looking for instructors, captains on Airbus and B737, foreigners welcome. F/O B777
Fleet expansion B777, more longhaul operations

16 Apr - Poland (Ca) - Sprintair
hiring for F/O and Capt, S340 Type-Rating training possible

16 Apr - Malta (Ch) - Air X Charter
Some wetlease contracts for summer

16 Apr - Nepal (Ma) - Nepal Airlines
Long haul operation with two new A330's starting after summer

16 Apr - Brazil (Ma) - Azul
Two B737-400F coming by the end of the year to expand cargo ops.

16 Apr - Brazil (Ma) - Azul
Two B737-400F coming by the end of the year to expand cargo ops.

16 Apr - Russia (Ma) - Red Wings
5 more A321's coming as interim fleet
Merger with Nordavia progressing. To become MC21 operator as from 2019

16 Apr - Malawi (Re) - Kwacha Airlines
New operator, license granted for domestic and international flights

16 Apr - Zimbabwe (Ma) - Zimbabwe Airways
Zimbabwe Aviation Leasing Company (owned by the Government) leasing B777 to Zimbabwe Airways
New airline

9 Apr - Australia (Ma) - JETSTAR
Hiring FO

9 Apr - Togo (Ma) - ASKY
Positive - Expecting 2 Boeing 737s from April and are very short of flight crew members

9 Apr - Italy (Re) - Air Dolomiti
hiring all fleets

9 Apr - France (Ma) - AIGLE AZUR
Ownership now settled around HNA (48%) and DGN Neeleman (32%). Longhaul ops starting.
Partnerships created with Hainan Airlines, Azul, Corsair, TAP and Air Caraibes. Starting flights to Bamako, Beijing and São Paulo out of ORY.

9 Apr - Togo (Ma) - ASKY
Positive - Expecting 2 Boeing 737s from April and are very short of flight crew members

9 Apr - Denmark (Fr) - IQ-Charter
Hiring Capt and Copilots, LR45 and classic citations C550

9 Apr - Switzerland (Fr) - Cat Aviation
looking for F/O

2 Apr - India (Ma) - Indigo
Plans to order up to 50 A330 for long haul network expansion

2 Apr - Malaysia (Ma) - Air Asia
hiring captains for malaysian bases

2 Apr - Hungary (Ca) - Fleet Air
Looking for Saab 340 captains

26 Mar - Ireland (Re) - Stobart Air
Positive both seats

26 Mar - USA (Le) - American
Hiring 80 per month

26 Mar - Germany (Fr) - AirGo
Phase in of first EVO

19 Mar - USA (Ca) - Aloha Air Cargo
Hiring all fleets

19 Mar - USA (Ch) - Omni Air International
Hiring Positive

19 Mar - Turkey (Ch) - Tailwind Airlines
Will hire soon

19 Mar - UK (Re) - Airways Aviation
hiring flight instructors

13 Mar - Malta (Ma) - Air Malta
Network expansion and phase in of first A320neo by summer

13 Mar - Turkey (Ma) - Pegasus Airlines
Good 2017 with $131million profit and loadfactor increase to 84%
10 more A320 coming in 2018.Lots of hiring planned for 2018

13 Mar - Namibia (Ma) - Air Namibia
financial assistance till 2021 from government approved

13 Mar - Switzerland (Fr) - TAG Aviation Europe
Hiring regularly on all fleets.

13 Mar - Morocco (Ma) - Air Arabia Maroc
Need captains,and those who fly here are looking for other opcions.

13 Mar - Switzerland (Re) - Swiss Flight Services
currectly recuiting on king air, type mandatary

5 Mar - Iceland (Ch) - Air Atlanta Icelandic
Hiring NTR/TR Captains and First Officers for B747-400

5 Mar - Australia (Ch) - Cobham Aviation Services Australia
Positive FO and PC

5 Mar - UK (Fr) - Gama Aviation Ltd
looking for B200 First Officer UK base

5 Mar - Netherlands Antilles (Re) - Winair
accepting CV's

5 Mar - USA (Ca) - Atlas Air
Excellent 2017 results. Atlas Air Ww Holdings posted $223 million net profit. Hiring ongoing.

5 Mar - Finland (Le) - Finnair
very good results for 2017 with almost 12m pax. Long haul network will be expanded. A350 phase-in will even be accelerated.
wetlease by Jet Time expected

5 Mar - Austria (Fr) - International Jet Management GmbH
hiring F/O for Legacy 600 and Falcon 2000 (classic)

5 Mar - Ukraine (Ma) - Ukraine International Airlines
Start of Ops with Boeing 777-200ER, more to come

5 Mar - Spain (Ma) - Air Europa Express
Massive fleeing of Captains and FOs leaving do bad pay,
Air Europa is flying Air europa Express routes do lo lack of crews, P2F

5 Mar - Finland (Re) - Norra
Employing ATR pilots non typerated

5 Mar - Switzerland (Fr) - Albinati Aeronautics
now hiring F/O for BD700 and Challenger C604

5 Mar - Switzerland (Fr) - Jet Aviation
looking for F/O G550 (self-funding up to 40% of TR)

5 Mar - Singapore (Ma) - Scoot
Good. Recruiting A320/787 Captains and First Officers rated and non rated. March Roadshow in Berlin.

5 Mar - Ivory Coast (Ma) - Air Cote Divoire
Fo searching

5 Mar - Greece (Re) - Ellinair
looking for FO and Captains in SKG

5 Mar - Denmark (Fr) - FlexFlight
accepting applications (CL604)

5 Mar - Switzerland (Ch) - Swiss Flight Services SA
looking for SEP pilot (as from 200h) and experienced B200

5 Mar - Australia (Ma) - Alliance Airlines
Alliance Aviation Slovakia created, currently managing 11x F70/100 on Austrian registry

5 Mar - Portugal (Fr) - Seven Air
Positive looking for flight instructors

5 Mar - Czech Republic (Fr) - ABS Jets
ISBAO Stage III certified in 2017
hiring F/0, type ratings are paid by company

12 Feb - Kuwait (Ma) - Kuwait Airways
Looking for CAPT and FO on A320

12 Feb - Spain (Ch) - Wamos Air
Currently looking for B747-400 and A330 First Officers to be based in Madrid.

12 Feb - China (Ma) - China Eastern Airlines
high need of B737 captains

12 Feb - UK (Ma) - Primera Air (UK)
Hiring for new UK ops. Primera Air operations in the UK are quite distinct from the Danish 737 requirement at this time. Ongoing hiring and training going on.
Very positive. Originally announced Newark, Boston and Toronto from STN, BHX and CDG but now added Washington Dulles with Chicago and Orlando in the pipeline. Pulled BOS from BHX and cut back schedule for Newark out of BHX but have ramped up STN schedules from 3 x weekly to daily.

5 Feb - Switzerland (Ma) - Edelweiss
Positive looking for f/os

5 Feb - Denmark (Ch) - Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia
Only hiring for CPH base

5 Feb - New Caledonia (Re) - Air Caledonie
Some guys moving, Hiring will come

5 Feb - New Caledonia (Re) - Air Caledonie
Some guys moving, Hiring will come

5 Feb - Bangladesh (Le) - Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Hiring big time

29 Jan - Norway (Re) - Lufttransport
Positive hiring

29 Jan - UK (Ma) - Flight Safety (Flight Training)
hiring on excel, mustang and hawker

29 Jan - Romania (Ch) - Air Bucharest
hiring for summer season/summer contract

29 Jan - Dominican Republic (Ma) - Dominican Wings
Accepting CV for Captain and FO

29 Jan - UK (Re) - Flying Time (Flight School)
Recruiting for Flight and Theoretical Knowledge Instructors

22 Jan - Ethiopia (Ma) - Ethiopian Airlines
Increasing US frequencies

15 Jan - Spain (Ma) - Iberia L.A.E
Hiring pilots.

15 Jan - Brazil (Ma) - Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras
Hiring DEC (ATR) and FO (ERJ and ATR)

15 Jan - South Korea (Le) - Korean Air
always looking

15 Jan - UK (Re) - CAE (Flight School)
Always looking for new instructors

15 Jan - UK (Re) - Scenic Air Tours
looking for SEP scenic pilots

8 Jan - USA (Re) - Air Wisconsin
Hiring pilots

8 Jan - Tunisia (Ch) - Nouvelair Tunisie
Hiring pilots

8 Jan - Netherlands (Fr) - JetNetherlands
Fleet expanding

8 Jan - Guadeloupe (Re) - Air Antilles Express
hiring rated pilots on the ATR

8 Jan - UK (Fr) - Catreus
Positive - new airframes joining fleet

8 Jan - Iceland (Ch) - Blubird Nordic
Hiring both fo and cpt

8 Jan - UK (Fr) - XJC Jets Management
Positive looking for crew on Citation C550, Hawker 800XP

31 Dec - UK (Ch) - Titan Airways
Majority recruitment complete. Applications considered as vacancies arise. Small hold pool of pilots awaiting start dates.
fleet expansion

31 Dec - Lebanon (Ma) - Middle East Airlines - Air Liban
MEA is recruiting almost every year.

31 Dec - Portugal (Re) - AeroVip
Only flying regional for now. Bragança - Portimão and Madeira - Porto Santo
Company is growing. Passengers are increasing on a yearly basis. Apparently new aircraft coming.

31 Dec - Spain (Ma) - Alba Star
Wetlease for Ernest Airways

31 Dec - Canada (Ma) - Jazz Aviation
currently hiring

31 Dec - Slovenia (Fr) - AERO4M

18 Dec - Germany (Fr) - Jet Executive
Hiring First Officer

12 Dec - UK (Ch) - RVL Group
looking for multi pilots

12 Dec - USA (Fr) - Avantair
Searching for pilots with typerating

12 Dec - Germany (Fr) - ImperialJet Europe GmbH
searching for pilots

12 Dec - Germany (Fr) - FAI (factfile closed)
starting ops with A319CJ in 2018

12 Dec - UK (Fr) - FlairJet, Flexjet Europe
Started ops on behalf of Surf Air in Europe

12 Dec - Dubai (Fr) - Execujet Middle East
looking for Capt Global 5000

12 Dec - UK (Fr) - Halkin Jet
hiring actively

4 Dec - Portugal (Re) - PGA - Portuglia Airlines
Should start recruiting again soon

4 Dec - Iceland (Ca) - Bluebird Cargo
may hire some new pilots

4 Dec - UK (He) - Air Ambulance Services
Accepting resumes

4 Dec - France (Fr) - Skyfirst Ltd
Looking for falcon 50 captains

4 Dec - UK (Fr) - European Flight Services (Farnborough)
Good. Looking for crew

27 Nov - Saudi Arabia (Ma) - Saudia Arabia Airlines
Hiring slowing down

27 Nov - Portugal (Fr) - Valair Private Jets
Hiring just Phenom 100/300 TR Captains/FO

20 Nov - Qatar (Fr) - Qatar Executive
Hiring right now all fleets

20 Nov - Estonia (Re) - Cityjet Estonia
Hiring for all bases (DUB,TLL,and VNO) but tend to only get offered VNO. This will be via Norbox the Irish recruitment agent they use.

14 Nov - Bulgaria (Ma) - Bulgaria Air
recruitment for E190 and A320 F/O

14 Nov - Germany (Fr) - Arcus Air
Very very good, hiring

6 Nov - Spain (Ma) - Iberia Express
Positve recruting now

6 Nov - Greece (Re) - Bluebird
Yes positive situation

6 Nov - Vanuatu (Ma) - Air Vanuatu
Currently only hiring locals, but willing to look at applications from others in case of lack of pilots.

6 Nov - Cyprus (Ma) - TUS Airways
2 F70 on the way, looking for an additional 2 and possibly 2 F100

6 Nov - Cyprus (Ma) - TUS Airways
2 F70 on the way, looking for an additional 2 and possibly 2 F100

30 Oct - Pakistan (Ma) - Pakistan International Airlines
Positive hiring

30 Oct - Bahrain (Le) - Gulf Air
no change since last, still recruiting DEC

30 Oct - Saudi Arabia (Ma) - FlyNas
Hiring Saudi nationals.

30 Oct - Ireland (Fr) - Westair Aviation
Hiring first officers

30 Oct - UK (Re) - Isles of Scilly Skybus
Recruiting first officers now https://www.islesofscilly-travel.co.uk/vacancies/dhc6-first-officers/

30 Oct - Belgium (Re) - CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Brussels (flight school)
Very good. Hiring!!

23 Oct - Kuwait (Ma) - Jazeera Airways
Hiring due to staff turnover. Many pilots leaving frustrated.gentlemen agreement with other airlines. staff is not sure of the future.unhappy with treatment from management in all levels...even management pilots are leaving.... New CEO cleaning up. Canceled COO,VpT, chiefpilot... positions. New destination India but all flights at night.

23 Oct - Singapore (Ma) - Singapore Airlines
Is hiring direct entry F/O in all of their divisions

23 Oct - Turkey (Ma) - Onur Air
Hiring Turkish cadets and Expat First Officers. possibility of pay to fly for expats.

23 Oct - UK (Re) - FTA (Flight school)
they are hiring

23 Oct - UK (Re) - FTA (Flight school)
they are hiring

23 Oct - Sweden (Re) - Hummingbird Aviation Services
Possitive hiring more pilots

16 Oct - Netherlands (Re) - Cessair (Fllight School)
hiring single pilot Cessna 182/172 captains

9 Oct - France (Re) - TWINJET
Looking for 8 FO

9 Oct - Greece (Fr) - Gainjet S.A
hiring fo's

9 Oct - Greece (Fr) - Gainjet S.A
hiring fo's

2 Oct - Norway (Re) - FlyViking
still accepting CV for DHC pilots

27 Sep - UK (Ch) - Luxaviation UK
hiring now Capt and F/O for Citation II, XLS and Challenger

27 Sep - Switzerland (Re) - Peoples Viennaline
Hiring on Embraer 170

18 Sep - Cyprus (Ma) - Cyprus Airways (Closed)

18 Sep - France (Re) - Astonfly (Flight School)
Currently hiring FI

18 Sep - Germany (Fr) - KAA-Aviation
Will start hiring soon.
Company applied for AOC. Upon receipt, Phenom Crews needed.

18 Sep - Congo (Re) - Air Fast Congo
Hiring freelance young pilots

11 Sep - Thailand (Ma) - Lion Air Thai
Hiring locals

11 Sep - UK (Le) - Airbus
hiring internally

6 Sep - Sweden (Ca) - Amapola Flyg AB
not recruiting but accepting CVs (F50) via website

6 Sep - UK (Re) - Tayside Aviation
Hiring Flight Instructors

22 Aug - France (Ca) - ASL Airlines France (Europe Airpost)
Looking for Cpt/FO B737 Saison contact 6months

22 Aug - Portugal (Re) - Portugalia Airlines
Likely to hire due to lots of pilots leaving to other airlines due to heavy rostering and minimum rest.

22 Aug - Portugal (Re) - Portugalia Airlines
Likely to hire due to lots of pilots leaving to other airlines due to heavy rostering and minimum rest.

22 Aug - Netherlands (Fr) - Tessel Air/Paracentrum Texel
Hiring for next summer

14 Aug - Greece (Ma) - Olympic Air
Hiring captain on turboprop fleet

14 Aug - UK (Fr) - Bookajet
Currently hiring

9 Aug - UK (Ch) - Woodgate Aviation
Recruitment ongoing for B200 King Air Captains

9 Aug - Panama (Le) - Copa Airlines
Hiring Fo Not hiring Cap

9 Aug - Puerto Rico (Re) - Air Flamenco
Positive. Hiring soon

1 Aug - Spain (Re) - Canaryfly
Hiring ATR 72-500 type rated pilots

1 Aug - UK (Re) - Mission Aviation Fellowship
positively hiring

1 Aug - Germany (Fr) - Eurolink
Positiv hiring FO + CPT

1 Aug - UK (Re) - Flight Training London (Flight School)
Hiring positive

1 Aug - France (Ma) - Air Caraïbes Atlantique
Positive, looking for pilots

24 Jul - Sweden (Re) - West Atlantic (Sweden)
Hiring on the ATP

24 Jul - Italy (Ma) - easyJet (Italian Contract)
Ongoing recruitment however no direct entry into Italy. Waiting list for Italian bases can be up to 7 years depending on base/rank

24 Jul - Italy (Ma) - easyJet (Italian Contract)
Ongoing recruitment however no direct entry into Italy. Waiting list for Italian bases can be up to 7 years depending on base/rank

24 Jul - Germany (Re) - RWL (Flight School)
Positive, always looking for new Flight Instructors

17 Jul - Sweden (Re) - West Air (Sweden)
Positive, looking for DEC Coventry baae

17 Jul - Singapore (Ma) - Tigerair Singapore
Lack of crew for both FO & Capt
Need massive inject of crew manpower

17 Jul - UK (Re) - Sheffield Aero Club (Flight School)
hiring pilots

17 Jul - UK (Re) - Aviation Academy Austria (Flight School)
Hiring TRI/TRE ATR42/72 pilots.

10 Jul - Spain (Re) - Binter Canarias
Looking for pilots

10 Jul - Brazil (Le) - Latam Airlines
Selecting new first officers

10 Jul - Germany (Ch) - Businesswings
Hiring expected soon.

10 Jul - Norway (Fr) - Hesnes Air AS
Positive, hiring.

10 Jul - Nigeria (Ma) - Dana Air
Expanding at a steady pace

28 Jun - Belgium (Fr) - Abelag Aviation / Luxaviation Belgium
looking for Capt C525

28 Jun - USA (Re) - Grant Aviation
C-207 AV2 C-208 pilots needed

28 Jun - Austria (Fr) - Tyrol Air Ambulance
Looking for Freelancer in the Summer

19 Jun - UK (Ch) - AirTanker
Currently hiring A330 rated First Officers

12 Jun - USA (Re) - Envoy Air - American Eagle Airlines
Opening base in Miami

12 Jun - UK (Re) - Aurigny Air Services
On-going recruitment to the ATR and Dornier Fleets
As above

12 Jun - Finland (Re) - CityJet (Finland)
Positive, Hiring HEL/TLL/CPH/ARN on permanent contracts

12 Jun - USA (Fr) - FlexJet
looking for significant number experienced pilots on several fleets
double digit growth in 2017 confirmed

12 Jun - Australia (Ma) - Tiger
Hiring aggressively

12 Jun - Portugal (Ma) - easyJet (New Improved Portuguese Contract)
Recruiting in Portugal (Check eJ Recruitment Website)

12 Jun - Oman (Ma) - Salam Air
just started operations hiring ordering aircraft and opening destinations

5 Jun - Switzerland (Fr) - SKYWORK
To support our growth plan, SkyWork is searching for crew (cockpit and cabin) and maintenance personnel with experience on the Embraer E-Jet-Family (Embraer EMB 170 – EMB 195) and commanders coming from other jet types. Swiss or EU-passport and EASA conform or transferable certificates are required.

5 Jun - Qatar (Re) - Qatar Aeronautical College (Flight School)
Alwaya hiring

5 Jun - USA (Re) - SAA (Flight School)
looking for instructors

5 Jun - Congo (Fr) - Equajet
Positive hiring on ERJ 145

30 May - Canada (Re) - Wasaya Airways
Hiring all the time. Positive. Looking for 2 PC12 FO now

22 May - Austria (Fr) - Jet Pool Network
Looking for copilots on Cessna 680

22 May - Angola (Ma) - TAAG Angola Airlines
Hiring only locals

15 May - Luxembourg (Re) - Luxembourg Air Rescue
Looking for copilots

15 May - USA (Re) - Mesa
Hiring for all positions

15 May - Brazil (Ma) - BRA
hiring at moment

15 May - Dubai (Re) - Emirates-CAE Flight Training (ECFT) (Flight School)
hiring on all fleets SFI

8 May - Germany (Ch) - Avanti Air
looking for staff on F100

2 May - Bulgaria (Ca) - Cargo Air
positive for fo and cap

2 May - Germany (Fr) - B-Air Charter GmbH & Co KG
Plans for a new start in Summer. Will need pilots.

2 May - Malta (Ch) - Maleth Aero
Taking FO

24 Apr - USA (Ca) - ABX Air
positive, hiring FO

24 Apr - China (Ma) - Shenzhen Airlines
Currently hiring, bad mood among expatriates

24 Apr - UK (Ma) - CTC Aviation (Flight School)
Massive global expansion to train 2000 cadets annually.

24 Apr - Nigeria (Re) - Air Peace Airline
Steady growth. Knowing the CEO personally is helpful.

24 Apr - Russia (Re) - Kazan Air Enterprise
Looking for captains

24 Apr - Greece (Re) - Egnatia Aviation (Flight School)
hiring easa instructors

10 Apr - Netherlands (Re) - KLM Cityhopper
wet lease of two RJ85 aircraft from CityJet

27 Mar - Slovenia (Ca) - Solinair
positive new FOM in place

27 Mar - UK (Fr) - Catreus Ltd
Actively accepting applications for all types.
+VE. Continued expansion creating multiple opportunities across the company.

27 Mar - UK (Fr) - Catreus Ltd
Actively accepting applications for all types.
+VE. Continued expansion creating multiple opportunities across the company.

27 Mar - Belgium (Ca) - Cargo Air Lines
Yes on B738, B747, A330

20 Mar - Denmark (Ca) - Star Air (Part of Maersk Group)
Candidates for 2017 has been selected plus some in hold pool.

13 Mar - Hong Kong (Ca) - AHK Air Hong Kong limited
Hiring Direct Entry First Officers

6 Mar - Malaysia (Le) - Malaysia Airlines
+ve.. no payrise since 2 years. A lot of pilots leaving. So hiring from outside

6 Mar - Vietnam (Ma) - Lao Airlines
needs pilots

20 Feb - France (Ch) - XL Airways France
hiring for A330 out of CDG

20 Feb - Portugal (Re) - G Air (Fight School)
Ongoing recruitment

6 Feb - USA (Re) - European Flight Training
Hiring EASA FI flight instructors. Having FAA SE CPL and CFI rating is a plus. If you do not have it you will be bonded in order to get training done (you can always choose to self fund the training without any bond).

31 Jan - Ghana (Ma) - Africa World Airlines
hiring flight instructors

31 Jan - India (Ma) - GO Air
Looking for TR Capt

26 Jan - Malta (Fr) - Hyperion Aviation
hiring but p2f

16 Jan - Canada (Re) - WestJet Encore
Positive, hiring between 210-250 in 2017.

10 Jan - South Africa (Fr) - MS Aviation
May be hiring soon

10 Jan - Vietnam (Ma) - Vietnam Airlines
Only hiring TRE/TRI on A-320

27 Dec - Dubai (Re) - Emirates CAE Flight Training (Flight School)
Hiring actively

19 Dec - USA (Re) - Cape Air
Cape air is actively hiring

3 Dec - USA (Ca) - Southern Air
SA is currently hiring B737-400SF and B777F first officers

30 Nov - USA (Re) - SkyWest Airlines
Hiring essentially as many as they can get their hands on (USA)

30 Nov - South Africa (Ma) - Mango Airlines
Hiring NTR B737-800 First Officers

30 Nov - Thailand (Ma) - Nok Air
Positive for Captains

27 Nov - Sweden (Re) - Nordic regional
Positive, New pilots needed while many move into Finnair

26 Nov - Venezuela (Ma) - Aeropostal
Positive Hiring

26 Nov - Norway (Fr) - Blom Norway
Neutral. Might need a couple of pilots at the start of the survey season in the spring of 2017.

17 Nov - USA (Ma) - Frontier Airlines
Yes, hiring roughly 20/month

17 Nov - Portugal (Re) - G-Air Training Centre (Flight School)
Hiring CRI MEP; IR; CPL Instructors

17 Nov - Czech Republic (Ch) - TimeAir
Positive hiring fos and cpts

8 Nov - South Africa (Ch) - Air-Tec Global
Hiring! B1900D Caprains, L410 Captains L410 First Officers

31 Oct - Poland (Re) - Bartolini Air (Flight School)
Hiring instructors

24 Oct - Switzerland (Fr) - Lions Air
Hiring at the moment - expansion

24 Oct - China (Ma) - Tianjin Airlines
will continue to hire on E190, E320, A330

24 Oct - Indonesia (Ma) - Citilink (Garuda)
Positive - looking for First officers with more than 250hrs on type

24 Oct - Venezuela (Ma) - Conviasa
Positive and hiring

17 Oct - Thailand (Ma) - NewGen Airways
Looking for 24 Sets.

13 Oct - Denmark (Re) - Center Air Pilot Academy (Flight School)
Allways on the look for new good instructors

6 Oct - Portugal (Re) - Nortavia
Good for Flight Instructors

12 Sep - USA (Re) - Republic Airways
Pilot shortage. Chapter 11 bankruptcy exit expected end 2016

12 Sep - South Africa (Ch) - Solenta
Hiring time to time on all fleet

31 Aug - UK (Fr) - Execujet
Positive Bombardier Jets could come in near future

31 Aug - Indonesia (Re) - PT Enngang Air Service
Currently hiring C208B Pilots

9 Aug - UK (Ch) - Capital Air Charter
Positive for B200 Captains

26 Jul - Poland (Re) - Jet Story
Neutral to good. Currently looking for 1 CPT and 1 FO

19 Jul - Spain (Re) - Aerotablada
Hiring pilots and instructors soon.

11 Jul - UK (Fr) - Jet Aviation Business Jets HKG
Adding aircraft all the time. Now total of 33, mainly Gulfstreams.

4 Jul - Switzerland (Ma) - Edelweiss Air
Hiring pilots https://www.flyedelweiss.com/DE/about-edelweiss/jobs/Pages/vacant-positions.aspx

4 Jul - Netherlands (Fr) - Jet Management Europe B.V.
Positive, company taken over by Flying group

4 Jul - India (Re) - Air Pegasus (Closed)
Hiring type rated captains and TRI's on ATR 72-500 http://www.airpegasus.in/current-openings.php

4 Jul - UK (Fr) - Nexus Jets
Looking CL605 FO

27 Jun - UK (Fr) - The Private Jet Company
Setting up an AOC, more airplanes expected and pilots needed.

27 Jun - UK (Fr) - The Private Jet Company
Setting up an AOC, more airplanes expected and pilots needed.

20 Jun - Austria (Fr) - Globe Air
Positive hiring captains

20 Jun - UK (Ma) - ProTec Technical (Agency)
Hiring instrument rated pilots for Farnborough base: http://www.cv-library.co.uk/job/203950343/Flight-Crew?s=102004

20 Jun - UK (Re) - Blackbushe School of Flying (Flight School)
Hiring an operations assistant (£17k+bonus) http://www.cv-library.co.uk/job/204134088/Operations-Assistant?s=102004

13 Jun - Iceland (Re) - Keilir Aviation Academy (Flight School)
positive hiring

13 Jun - Tunisia (Ch) - Tunisair
Hiring pilots.

13 Jun - Canada (Ch) - Provincial Aerospace
Hiring FO's

6 Jun - Hong Kong (Ma) - Oasis Hong Kong (Obsolete - factfile to be removed)
hiring F/O's on contracts

6 Jun - Spain (Ch) - Plus Ultra
New airline expanding operation.

30 May - UK (Re) - LyddAir
Accepting CV's

30 May - Bolivia (Ma) - Boliviana de Aviacion
Hiring Nationals

23 May - Nigeria (Ma) - Aero Contractors
The company will be forced to recruit a lot of pilots in Q3 2016. Following a management take over in February 2016, the company has been put into receivership to turn around. The company was forced to downsize generally, some pilots (mainly expats) were laid off on May 1st. But following plans to reactivate the grounded B737s and the introduction of 3 X E190s and 2 additional Q400s in July the company will be forced to recruit a lot of pilots in Q3 2016.

9 May - Turkey (Fr) - Tarkim Air (Closed)
Hiring (hence "positive" status), but due to staff turnover. Missing/late payments for pilots who have been fired / left.

9 May - Japan (Ma) - Jetstar Japan
hiring captains and FOs

3 May - Spain (Re) - Aerofan (Flight School)
Currently hiring

25 Apr - Czech Republic (Re) - Van Air Europe
Positive. New connections opened recently.

25 Apr - Switzerland (Fr) - PrivateJet
Always looking for rated pilots

25 Apr - Fiji (Re) - Fiji Link
Looking for ATR42/72 Captains

25 Apr - Sweden (Re) - Flybe (PAS Contract)
Expanding their buisness with SAS.

15 Apr - Mauritius (Ma) - Air Mauritius
Hiring because of increasing fleets with 330 and 350 and keeping A340. Slow hiring process and slow upgrade.

13 Apr - Netherlands (Re) - Sky Service Netherlands
Hiring again next winter

13 Apr - Denmark (Ca) - Benair A/S
Contracts for MET cargo operations (SD360, L410)

13 Apr - Hong Kong (Fr) - Gama Aviation Hutchison Hong Kong Ltd
Hiring because of high staff turnover.

13 Apr - USA (Re) - Surf Air
Hiring currently (CA and FO)

4 Apr - Egypt (Ma) - Nesma Airlines
Acquiring some ATR72-600

30 Mar - Portugal (Fr) - OMNI Aviacao
hiring pilots for atr

30 Mar - Algeria (Ma) - Air Algerie
Loopings for Pilots at the moment

30 Mar - Russia (Ma) - UTair
hiring on B737

21 Mar - Australia (Ma) - Virgin Blue
Currently hiring

21 Mar - Russia (Ma) - Aurora
Looking for Type Rated Captains and F/O

14 Mar - Spain (Ch) - Trabajos Aereos Espejo
Looking for Citation II F/O

14 Mar - Cayman isl (Ch) - BlueSky Airlines
Hiring rated Captains

29 Feb - Spain (He) - Inaer (Helicopters)
Hiring pilots, first officers and cockpit assistant

22 Feb - Estonia (Re) - AirEst
needs type rated Saab340 pilots
according to present demand will hire Cpts / FOs

22 Feb - Finland (Re) - Jet Time (Finland)
Hiring now and then both captains and first officers

8 Feb - Turkey (Ma) - Atlas Global
hiring now and then

8 Feb - Thailand (Ma) - Bangkok Flight Services
currently expanding. may need some freelancers

8 Feb - Saudi Arabia (Fr) - Alpha Star
Recruiting in all fleets

+VE = Positive pilot jobs news
N = Neutral pilot jobs news

-VE = Negative pilot jobs news
[only news within the period of each regional update list is indicated]

(Ca) = Cargo (Ch) = Charter (Fr) = Fractional/Corporate (He) = Helicopter
(Le) = Legacy (Ma) = Major / National / Low Cost (Re) = Regional


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